What Is the Cost of Spray Foam Insulation for a Whole Home? Icynene Inc

08, Jun 2017

Often constricted by tight construction budgets, high volume residential builders typically choose to work with materials that are cheaper or have always been used. When it comes to insulation, there is a misperception that the cost of spray foam insulation in a whole home is too expensive leading builders to revert to the tradition insulation options. However, the insulation cost difference between spray foam insulation and traditional batt insulation is narrowing. Depending on the building code in your state, together with a range of cost offsets, the insulation cost for spray foam can be within reach for inclusion into new home construction.

Savvy new home buyers who have done some initial research and are attracted to the benefits that spray foam insulation offers may ask “What is the cost of spray foam insulation for my whole home?” With quality, performance and reputation playing an important role in all of our purchases big or small, the initial cost versus the advantages and the return-on-investment can play a significant role.


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