Tuskes Homes Plans 137 New Homes Near Easton, Penn.

16, Jun 2017

The Palmer Township planning commission, located near Easton, Penn., has signed off on a positive recommendation for the first phase of Tuskes Homes’s new home development proposal. The board of supervisors will still need to consider and approve the first-phase plan before construction can begin.

Tuskes Homes vice president Michael Tuskes hopes to get this approval and begin building within 45 days. The Northwood neighborhood will contain 43 homes in its first phase, and 137 at full buildout. Home prices will likely start in the mid-to-high $300,000s, and homes will vary from 1,950 to 3,500 square feet.

Planning commission chairman Robert Blanchfield said Tuskes addressed the commission's concern that stormwater infrastructure should go in for the entire complex while phase one is built.


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