3 Stand-Out Kitchen Tile Backsplashes - Emser Tile

07, Sep 2017

Everyone loves a creative tile backsplash - it seems to be one of the most talked-about design elements in a home. From contrast to texture, there are a myriad of ways to create a beautiful finishing touch in the space famous for family gatherings and entertaining alike. Today, we explore three techniques to make a backsplash the focal point of a kitchen, while complementing the space’s overall aesthetic.

Small-scale contrast
DSC0203 (2).jpg
Refresh modern kitchen design with a small-scale mosaic pattern that features contrasting colors - the perfect pop of visual interest to complement neutral cabinets. This Scottsdale, Arizona kitchen, designed by Frederick Interiors, uses our Unique series to create visual movement along the intricate backsplash.

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 3 Stand-Out Kitchen Tile Backsplashes -  Emser Tile

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