C.H.I. Overhead Doors: Affordable Beauty

24, Aug 2017

Accent Woodtones garage doors boost curb appeal  

Consumers are always on the hunt for the newest in design and innovation, with an emphasis on affordability. With resources such as Pinterest and Houzz offering millions of design ideas at the click of a button, shoppers want an easy way to recreate the looks they see online. This trend has affected every aspect of home improvement and construction, including garage doors, and has shifted focus from expensive, high-maintenance showpieces to energy efficiency and value without sacrificing appearance.

Since the inception of woodtone doors, sales have grown exponentially and are expected to continue in their upward path. With their immediate boost in curb appeal and the stunning home transformations they produce, this comes as no surprise. In neighborhoods filled with white garage doors, a woodtone door makes a dramatic statement.

To give consumers options in style and budget, C.H.I. Overhead Doors, a manufacturer of residential and commercial sectional and rolling steel doors, has created a line of woodtone doors that marry the appeal of real wood with the low-maintenance longevity of steel. This exclusive product is meticulously designed and manufactured, using full- color digital imaging and insulated steel to create the highest quality, most realistic woodtone doors available.

Accents Woodtones utilizes groundbreaking advances in design and technology found only at C.H.I. Overhead Doors. Featuring authentic, digitally imaged non-repeating woodgrains, each Accents Woodtones garage door is as colorful and authentic as real wood.

Step 1: Hand-select premium lumber.
The process starts with carefully selected premium lumber that is precisely milled to uncover each board’s unique grain pattern. Only the highest quality boards become part of the Accents Woodtones family.

Step 2: Digitally craft each door.
High-resolution digital scanning captures each detail of the wood and allows design engineers to digitally construct each door board by board, ensuring a true non-repeating pattern.

Step 3: Flawlessly create every section.
To ensure the classic woodtone appearance endures for the life of each door, the finished product is treated with an industry-leading UV topcoat, providing years of protection from the elements.

Available in raised panel, stamped carriage house, planks, and the new flush overlay, including 15 carriage house designs, it’s easier than ever to get a custom look from a steel woodtone door. 

Accents Woodtones are available in the following species:

Accents Mahogany
Accents Dark Oak
Accents Light Oak
Accents Cedar
Accents Driftwood
Accents Walnut (Coming Soon!)

For adding quick curb appeal to spec homes, and for the most economical consumer, C.H.I. also offers its newest woodtone product: Painted Woodtones. These doors are available in two color options, Classic Woodgrain and Modern Woodgrain, and offer four different stamp designs. Painted Woodtones provide a basic wood appearance on a steel door.

For some consumers, there is no substitution for authentic wood doors. When genuine wood is desired, C.H.I. offers wood overlay doors. Handcrafted to combine an insulated steel base with a wood exterior, these doors are ideal for custom homes. Available in cedar and mahogany, and 25 style options, wood overlay doors can be field finished to match custom designs.

C.H.I. Overhead Doors is committed to providing high-quality garage doors that demonstrate both durability and class. With Accents Woodtones, C.H.I. has set a standard of innovation and excellence, and it stands behind its products with exceptional customer service and the best warranty in the industry.

For more information, visit chiohd.com

C.H.I. Overhead Doors: Affordable Beauty

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