Builders Honored at Executive Summit, Buddy Coleman of Rausch Coleman Homes Earns Lifetime Achievement Award, and much more

27, Mar 2017

By Tom Daley  

Congratulations to Atlantic Builders of Fredericksburg, Virginia, which was honored at the Executive Summit with the Builder of Choice Award! Builders are scored on feedback surveys distributed to their trade contractors. The survey asks trade contractors to evaluate builders on the following categories:  organization, trade relations, management team, project field managers, project/job site management, office support, trust, communication, loyalty, and ethics. 

Chuck and Emma Shinn also presented the 2017 Lee Evans Lifetime Achievement Award to Ernest R. “Buddy” Coleman of Rausch Coleman Homes in Fayetteville, Arkansas. This award is a personal award given to builders who have implemented exceptional management practices throughout their career that have allowed their building company to prosper and sustain itself over the decades.
Coleman started building homes in 1955 at the age of 19. Over the past 60 plus years, his companies have built thousands of new homes throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Texas. Rausch Coleman Homes is now the largest builder of new homes in the states of Oklahoma and Arkansas.

To earn the Builder of Choice Award, trade contractors answer 68 questions covering 10 categories, so a builder must perform consistently well across a wide range of operational areas to qualify. Survey questions are scored from 1 to 10, and builders must achieve an average score of 93 percent to qualify as a Builder of Choice. Atlantic Homes achieved this award with a 97 percent score!  

It’s important to note that there are no rankings for this award. Builders who apply either achieve the necessary criteria for the Builder of Choice Award or they don’t. A Builder of Choice award recipient runs a solid organization. These companies demonstrate that they are committed to creating and maintaining an environment that will allow trades and suppliers to accomplish their work efficiently and effectively. They have demonstrated that they are consistent, reliable, efficient, and effective, having instilled appropriate discipline in the building processes. 

Also honored at the Executive Summit were six builders that received the Builder Partnerships Achievement Award for Customer Satisfaction to six builders this year. They are American Classic Homes of Mercer Island, Washington; Conaway Homes of Whitehouse, Texas; Gumenick Properties of Richmond, Virginia; Level Homes of Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Richfield Homes of Longmont, Colorado; and Vantage Homes of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

All six builders qualified for the award by having at least 88 percent of their home buyers say they were willing to refer the company to friends or family. They were then further evaluated on their customer service and referral rate by a committee of experts, which includes an in-depth review of the company’s processes and documentation.  

Builders Honored at Executive Summit, Buddy Coleman of Rausch Coleman Homes Earns Lifetime Achievement Award, and much more

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