Ovation Core Consulting Joins Builder Partnerships

01, Jun 2017

Builder Partnerships is pleased to announce the addition of Ovation Core Consulting, into the Builder Partnerships program.
Ovation Core Consulting is uniquely qualified to help New Home Builders take control of their growing business by integrating proven sales and marketing training programs, as well as implementing management systems into their existing business model. Our solutions are practical, immediate and sustainable and are derived from decades of hands-on experience at every level of the new home building industry. 

Please visit the Ovation Core Consulting website to learn more about the program and to get started today!
As always, Builder Partnerships encourages its members to take advantage of the opportunities available through the program to learn more about our participating companies.  Members are encouraged to contact each of these organizations directly should assistance be needed. 
About Builder Partnerships

Builder Partnerships is a unique organization focused on strengthening relationships, improving communication and providing educational opportunities for builders, manufacturers and others within the home building industry.  We work with leading regional and local builders and manufacturers to provide the necessary tools that generate superior returns, strategic relationships and access to ReadyKnowledge to compete successfully and thrive in today's competitive environment.   

Our network offers a single channel for manufacturers and service providers to streamline communication and reach out to leading regional home builders of various size and product mix across the country and Canada.  We also work with our builder members to identify and communicate directly with their manufacturer partners. As part of our services, we manage competitive incentive programs on behalf of our manufacturers for our builder members. 

Builder Partnerships currently has partnerships with over 75 manufacturer and service providers and represent nearly 900 leading regional builders projecting to close over 100,000 homes this year.

Members can visit the secured website at www.builderpartnerships.com to learn more about and to enroll in the new programs.  If you have any questions on accessing this program information, please contact Monica Wheaton by email at monica@builderpartnerships.com or by phone at 303.972.7666.
Ovation Core Consulting Joins Builder Partnerships

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