Planning for Success in 2018

10, Sep 2017

7 questions manufacturers need to answer now

By Stephen Crouch
Vice President of Operations

With the recession fully behind us, economic experts are encouraging home builders to take advantage of the available opportunities. For home builders to be successful, they are looking for manufacturers that will be strategic partners. To make sure your company’s name is at the top of their list, here are seven questions you need to answer now, especially if you are planning to launch new products in 2018:

1. You know what makes your product great, but do you know how to best communicate the message to builders? Do you have builder input?
2. Are you planning to blast out messages to 30,000 builders you don’t know, or will you take a targeted, focused approach to reach the builders who are most likely to benefit from what your company has to offer? Will you do both?
3. Are you leveraging all the tools and resources available to your company to bring as much value to builders as possible, helping them be successful?
4. Do your sales people know about the needs of builders and the value propositions that will best resonate with various segments of builders?
5. Are you making an investment in training your sales team to be the go-to resource for builders? 
6. How will you market your new products? You’ll probably send out a press release, put ads in trade publications, and purchase a booth at trade shows, but how will you reach individual builders?
7. Does your sales team have the tools in place for feedback so they can monitor and manage relationships in 2018 and beyond? 

As a manufacturer member of Builder Partnerships, you will have access to nearly 2,000 of the nation’s top mid-tier builders, who are projected to build nearly 175,000 units across North America.  You also have access to a team of professionals who know builders and manufacturers inside and out. We can help your team, whether that includes inside marketing resources or outside agencies, gather the insight they need to build your product launch plans.

2018 is a critical year in the housing market recovery and growth cycle. As the industry approaches the last few years of expansion, this is the year manufacturers need to grow their market share and secure their position in the new construction market. For details on how to take advantage of this opportunity, email me today.

Planning for Success in 2018

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