Manufacturer Overview

Returns, Relationships, ReadyKnowledge

  • More than 1100 builder members
  • 150,000 units annually
  • $50 billion in annual home sales

At Builder Partnerships, we are performance and profit experts, specializing in the homebuilding industry. We work with leading regional and local private builders and manufacturers to provide the necessary tools to generate superior returns, strategic relationships and access to ReadyKnowledge so that they can compete successfully and thrive in today's competitive environment.

All for the sake of giving manufacturers access to a deeper relationship with builders that results in greater sales, deeper market penetration and advantageous positioning for now and into the future.

Welcome to Expanded And More Robust Builder Partnerships: Helping Manufacturers Gain An Unfair Competitive Advantage

Charles C. Shinn, Jr., PhD

Winning With Mid-Tier Builders


Get Access to 1100+ Homebuiders, 150,000 Units, $50 billion In Annual Home Sales.

Our builders represent over 1100 companies throughout the US and Canada building more than 150,000 units in 2018 for a total of $50 billion in annual home sales. We have direct, positive relationships with all our members, many of whom you may not have access to through your existing distribution channels. By working with Builder Partnerships, you will be able to reach these builders directly. With the communication channels established through our organization, you can raise your product offerings from commodities to single source specs, and identify areas of resistance and obstacles to better market penetration.

Improve Sales

Through Builder Parterships, you can increase product awareness among our builders' organizations. We have respected independent industry professionals who deliver your message to the people who will specify your products in the homes they build. Our builders are local spheres of influence and are highly respected within their communities.

We're More Than 500 Builders, More Than 50,000 Units A Year, With More than $9.5 billion In Materials And Labor Purchasing Power!

Charles C. Shinn, Jr., PhD

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Improve communication with your buyers - Get your message out to the people that count!

Builder Partnerships is a representative agent for privately owned regional homebuilders.


Develop, Nurture And Maintain A Superior Network Of Contacts

Traditionally, the builder and manufacturer have had limited interaction; and what interaction they did have was focused on cost control and reducing the price paid for the material needed to build a new home. Our goal is to promote a deeper relationship to benefit all parties through direct interaction, information sharing and education. Through our programs, you can:

Educate Builders About Your Products

Through Builder Partnerships, we work directly with you to get your message out to our builder members. We feature manufacturer products on a regular basis, as well as provide information to builders on the best products for their projects.

Obtain Valuable Insight Through Roundtable Discussion And Educational Programs.

As part of our program, Builder Partnerships will schedule quarterly roundtable discussions between manufacturers and builders to help manufacturers understand how builders buy, and for builders to better understand manufacturer programs and products.

Our builder members represent some of the most successful privately held medium to small builders in the nation. As such, they have a strong motivation to remain competitive in the market.

Charles C. Shinn, Jr., PhD

The Knowledge You Need When You Need It To Enhance Your Performance And Sales.

Gather reliable targeted market data for your products, and competitors

Through our database, we generate reports that are useful in analyzing market penetration for your products, as well as for understanding the total market share that your organization holds among the builder members.

Get market feedback from the product specifiers and users - your buyers

The program helps you identify areas of buyer resistance and obstacles to improved market penetration. We can assist in selecting builder participants and organizing logistics to run focus groups for new product and marketing initiatives.

Our goal is to promote a deeper relationship to benefit all parties through direct interaction, information sharing, and education