A Win-Win-Win Relationship for Manufacturers, Builders and Affiliated Service Providers.

Educate Builders About Your Products

Traditionally, the builder and manufacturer have had limited interaction; and what interaction they did have was focused on cost control and reducing the price paid for the material needed to build a new home. Our goal is to promote a deeper relationship to benefit all parties through direct interaction, information sharing and education. Through our programs, you can:

Through Builder Partnerships, we work directly with you to get your message out to our builder members. We feature manufacturer products on a regular basis, as well as provide information to builders on the best products for their projects.

Obtain Valuable Insight Through Roundtable Discussion And Educational Programs.

As part of our program, Builder Partnerships will schedule quarterly roundtable discussions between manufacturers and builders to help manufacturers understand how builders buy, and for builders to better understand manufacturer programs and products.

Get Assistance With Market Research, Including Focus Groups For New Products

Our builder members represent some of the most successful privately held medium to small builders in the nation. As such, they have a strong motivation to remain competitive in the market. Our buidlers would like to assist in testing new products, in part so they can be among the first to offer them in their homes; and also to be able to offer the best in value and product, to their buyers.

Participate In Forums For Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Through our extensive secure website, Builder Partnerships offers manufacturers a forum to reach this builder market directly. On the website, we regularly feature a specific product from a different manufacturer. The website is designed to function much like Amazon, where, once a builder logs in, they will see a list of products that could work in their communities, based on region, home size, price point, target market demographics, and other statistics.

Review And Field Test Installation Procedures

Builder Partnerships will encourage builders to work directly with you to understand the usefulness of installation instructions. Many manufacturers have elaborate installation training programs; some have certified contractor quality programs complete with installation videos and quizzes for builders and their staff. Yet, builders either are unaware of these programs or are not able to follow them effectively. Manufacturer associates and builder members alike will benefit when they collaboarate on these procedures, to ensure consistent use of the manufacturer programs, which will in turn minimize quality issues and reduce costs.

Our goal is to promote a deeper relationship to benefit all parties through direct interaction, information sharing and education

Monica Wheaton, CEO