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Wednesday, April 29, 10:00 a.m. Mountain Time
When you engineer your homes for value, you're in a better position to meet your target profit and outperform your competition. Focusing on cost efficiencies in your design is an effective strategy for maximizing value and improving profitability.

During this one-hour session, Ed Hauck will present practical solutions for cost effective design to maintain value at the lowest possible cost. Loaded with valuable insight on design concepts, materials and methods to improve profitability, this webinar offers expert guidance to help home builders implement value engineering processes to design profitable homes.

Registration fee: $79 
Presented by:
Ed Hauck
Senior Consultant, Builder Partnerships / Shinn Consulting

Ed Hauck spent 22 years with Rouse Chamberlin Homes in the Philadelphia area. Thanks to Ed’s leadership, Rouse enjoyed industry-leading, low direct construction costs. As a senior consultant with Shinn Consulting, Ed is a regular speaker at management seminars and provides training, coaching and consulting to help builders reduce direct construction cost, streamline operations, and guide product design towards efficiency and cost control.