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Rebate Management for Home Builders Made Simple

Become part of a community of leading manufacturers and 1,000s of successful mid-tier home builders who are developing lasting relationships resulting in profitable outcomes.

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Submit with Ease

Directly connect and submit closings with top ERP systems like MarkSytems, Kova, BuilderMT and ThreadKore, or quickly upload your submissions into our easy-to-use rebate management system.

Earn More Per Home

We can help you maximize your earnings with a program review. Get up to $2,000 in rebates on each and every home you build. Our top builder members are receiving more than $100,000 in rebates annually.

Get Paid Faster

Easily check the status of your submittals and receive electronic payment for immediate access to the rebate funds and better line of sight cash flow management.

Gaining access and managing rebates on your own is challenging

  • Resources are strained
  • Time is wasted on tracking and chasing payments
  • Profit margins suffer

And that leads to higher costs and less productivity. Builder Partnerships has helped 1,000s of home builders simplify the rebate process and improve their bottom line. Our program can help your company, too.

Start getting more profitable outcomes

Rebates Made Easy - How it Works

Our incentive management system IRMA makes submitting rebates and getting paid as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Complete enrollment form

Tell us about the types and # of homes you build and the communities your serve

2. Meet to select programs

Customize with the products you install by model/community and frequency of submittal

3. Sit Back and Get Paid

Builder Partnerships will keep you updated in real-time and automate payments

Learn about solutions for:

Rebates and cost savings for Home Builders

Get paid quickly and earn up to $2,000 per home with hassle-free rebate management.

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Profitable relationships for Manufacturers and Service Providers

Gain connections and grow revenue via a large community of private and profitable homebuilders without the high cost of lead generation marketing dollars and efforts.

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Builder of Choice™ Education, Events and Builder Groups

Increase your profits via industry-leading education, leadership events, exclusive builder groups and over 120 years of industry knowledge from our sister company Shinn Group.

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Leading the way to better profits

Builder Partnerships isn’t just any rebate program. We make it super easy for you to submit your rebates, we use data and humans to speed up the process and keep you informed, and we help you track the money you earn on every home without the complexities of points or other marketing gimmicks.

As your guide to better profits, we connect you with leading manufacturers to help create a more cost-effective and synergistic home building experience.

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Why work with Builder Partnerships


Get status updates and in-depth reporting on incentive dollars earned.


Our highly experienced relationship managers are here to help.

Rest Easy

We will do the filing, tracking and administering of the BP program

Fast and Easy

Get paid quickly and easily so you can put your rebates to use.

Maximum Savings

We help you obtain the maximum rebates on every home you build.

Hassle Free

Receive rebates without the cumbersome reporting and collection hassles.
Start getting more profitable outcomes

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