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Thank you for all of your great thoughts today [on the Builder of Choice webinar]. August 19 marked 40 years in this business for me. I have certainly made my share of mistakes. Your "Trident of Excellence" is spot on. We all need to continually ask ourselves "What do we need to do to become a builder of choice?" Good luck as you continue this quest. I believe it is the responsibility of all of us to train and educate the next generation. ~Kartchner Homes

Whitney Kartchner, Kartchner Homes

Our team got a ton of valuable information [from the private on-site training session]. We are all at a higher mindset, and working on holding each other accountable to some of the goals we’ve set for ourselves during the time Ed and Carrie were here. We really appreciate the format and time that went into this for us. We do believe that this is going to elevate our entire construction team’s way of thinking and executing. Thank you and your team for putting on a quality training program for us so late in the year. ~Abrazo Homes

Chris Madrid, Abrazo Homes

Production Manager

The Executive Summit this year was Great! I always appreciate the insight and information the Shinn Consulting Team bring to the table.  The guest speakers from the other Home Building companies are something I always enjoy and they did an excellent job presenting.  I look forward to taking what I’ve learned this year and fine tuning within our company. ~Conaway Homes

Rex Buttram, Conaway Homes


I wanted to reach out to give you an update on some recent success we have had at EQ Homes.  Following the Executive Summit this year in Florida I was very inspired by the hit list of things I picked up on and wanted to work on with the team to drive price down and sales velocity up.

Our team has worked hard to develop / redesign new products, take things out of the house that didn’t need to be there, consult with our contractors on adjustments to make homes more efficient to build, all while ensuring we had plans that our clients wanted, and selling at target margins.  We launched the new product in June and we are going to be finishing with a very solid month of sales and we believe these new products are going to help us through the remainder of the year with some strong results.

We owe you a great deal of the credit as the Executive Summit was truly informative and impactful, so thank you very much. ~eQ Homes

Peter Jury, eQ Homes

Vice-President, Construction

Both speakers were great. I feel as if they hit every section of the building cycle to make the process of building homes more efficient on time and quality. I learned so much and am excited to apply it to my every day scope of work. I highly recommend every builder take this [Superintendent's Job: Front Line Manager] seminar! ~Robuck Homes

Chase Rouse, Robuck Homes

Project Manager

The [2023 Executive Summit] conference and information shared was wonderful!  Thanks for the opportunity to be a presenter!  The Shinn Group have been wonderful for the industry and specifically our company! 2023 is the year of education for Kartchner Homes, we will spend Double what we typically spend on education this year.  The investment in our team members is invaluable!  The Shinn Group provides the best Home Builder Blueprint, for building a successful building operation, in the industry!  Thank you! ~Kartchner Homes

Troy Kartchner, Kartchner Homes


The Managing for Profit seminar was the greatest learning experience I have had in a very long time and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  But I always do with the Shinn Family. ~eQ Homes

Stacey Hart, eQ Homes

Production Manager

I found the Managing for Profit seminar incredibly insightful. I absorbed as much as I possibly could from each section. ~Saratoga Homes

Patrick Brown, Saratoga Homes

Sales Manager

I represented Olthof Homes at the Builder Partnerships' 17th Annual IBS Networking Reception on Monday, my first. On behalf of our entire organization, we are thankful for the invitation and grateful for the continued support from the entire Shinn Group. The reception was fun and productive, I personally enjoyed the event very much. From one Family/Team to another, thank you. ~Olthof Homes

Nick Denny, Olthof Homes

Purchasing & Estimating Manager

We learned a lot [at the private on-site training session] and enjoyed our time with Ed and Carrie as well. We are better prepared and ready to tackle the challenges ahead in 2023. ~New Tradition Homes

Caleb Blanton, New Tradition Homes

Construction Manager

I loved the [Superintendent's Job: Front Line Manager] seminar. It was so great. Never seen 40 builders keep attention for that long. ~Pacesetter Homes

Patrick Durbin, Pacesetter Homes

Area Construction Manager

Thanks for investing your time and passion into educating and improving builders and the building Industry!  You are genuine, humble, caring, and unique in your approach!  Thanks for all the work you put in, behind the scenes, on our behalf! We as builders take for granted how fortunate we are to work with you!  Thank you for helping our team reach heights we never envisioned possible!  There are none better than you! ~Kartchner Homes

Troy Kartchner

President | Kartchner Homes

I wanted to share that this [Managing for Profit] training was the most relevant, useful, and impactful I’ve ever attended.  The instructors were knowledgeable and clearly experts in their field.  They also were genuine in their desire to help us be better builders.  I would recommend this training to any homebuilder without hesitation. ~Tradition Companies

Adam Mikkelson, Tradition Companies

Chief Financial Officer

Just a note to tell you what a great time I had [at The Superintendent’s Job seminar]. There was so much information available to me and quite thorough. Your presentation was fantastic. It was really great to meet other builders from all over and come to find out we are all facing the same struggles in this present world we live in. I look forward to my next seminar. ~Froehlich Homes


Brad Hummel, Froehlich Homes


Thank you for working with us on a subject matter that is causing us some pain in margin erosion across several divisions.  Again, we do appreciate the expertise and services you offer our industry on continuous improvements that push us to become excellent home building operators. ~Drees Homes

David Metz, Drees Homes

VP National Purchasing & Operations

We owe a lot of our success to the things we have learned over the years from your organization. ~Robertson Brothers Homes

Jim Clarke, Robertson Brothers Homes


We had a such a great time at the Builder Partnerships Executive Summit and we are beyond honored to be given the Builder of Choice Award for 2022. There are so many great home builders and to be given this is an honor. Thanks so much for what you do for all of us. ~Schuber Mitchell Homes

Tommy Nobis, Schuber Mitchell Homes

Senior Purchasing Manager

I enjoyed participating in this year’s Executive Summit and the theme was right on point for the construction market we find ourselves in. Your advocacy and endorsement of Fox Blocks ICFs is appreciated. ~Fox Blocks

David Morris, Fox Blocks

Regional Advisor, Sustainable Building Products Division

Thank you for an amazing Executive Summit in Charleston. It was educational, thought provoking, and motivational. Davis Homes will be a better company for having attended. ~Davis Homes

Jerrod Klein, Davis Homes

Vice President, Sales & Marketing

I wanted you to know you've really helped us a lot. Last year was our best year ever. I look forward to reconnecting soon. Maybe a field session or two and some time on options and selections would be helpful in 30-60 days. Thanks again for your interest in us and your wise counsel! ~Bardwell Homes

Scott Bardwell, Bardwell Homes


We had a fantastic [Managing for Profit] seminar and have several action items to focus on. We are actually meeting most of the day today to do our 2022 planning. Thank you for all the help! ~Bardwell Homes

Emily Guillory

Bardwell Homes | VP Finance

Builder Partnerships Managing for Profit was a great experience, the knowledge I walked away with and the connections I made were invaluable. I look forward to attending future events. ~ECI

Meredith Johnson

ECI Software Solutions | Regional Sales Executive

The [Managing for Profit Seminar - Fall 2021] reception was a huge success and we have several leads to follow up on. The venue was intimate and we spoke to every person that attended. In the short amount of time that we've been with Builder Partnerships the information received on builders in the group has been very extensive. Their team gets you in touch with builders specific to your business and arrange introductions. ~Mr. Steam

Denise Champagne-McClure

Mr. Steam | Regional Sales Manager

It was an absolute pleasure and quite frankly a necessity for myself, as a representative of Bulbrite, to attend the Builder Partnerships "Managing for Profit Seminar". Helping our Builders learn more about the ways our bulbs and services can leverage more profit on a job is something that I firmly believe is most impactful when done face to face. I am definitely looking forward to being part of future seminars going forward with Builder Partnerships. ~Bulbrite

Brian Creeley

Bulbrite Industries | Director of Residential Builder Sales

The Shinn Group and Builder Partnerships have been an integral part of the success of Rockhaven Homes.  The management principals and guidelines developed and taught by Emma and Chuck provide a solid foundation for success.  Rockhaven Homes strives to combine a passion for home building, dedication to our homeowners and business management excellence, in order to provide a superior home buying experience.  It is an honor to be recognized by Builder Partnerships with the Lee Evans Award. ~Rockhaven Homes

Christopher Harris

Rockhaven Homes | CEO

I just wanted to let you know that all my people who attended your seminar [The Superintendent's Job] were really excited when they got back. We had a meeting yesterday and discussed what they had learned and I believe we will be able to fine tune our operations for continued success. Thank you for all the good work you do. ~Hall Quality Homes

Hall Quality Homes

I just wanted to drop you a few lines after attending my second seminar [Superintendent's Job]. Just as I expected, it was an extremely informative three days. I asked you to send me four "pumped up" superintendents, and you delivered! Thank you, Mr. Shinn, for your love and obvious dedication to this industry.

Wilshire Homes

Thank you so much for the seminar, 'The Superintendent's Job: Front Line Manager. I believe I speak for the whole group of builders when I tell you that your seminars are interesting and very informative. Year after year you continue to energize us and give us new ideas and options to look at in the field. Also, I wanted to thank you for continuing to go to bat for us on some issues that sometimes need to be looked at a little harder. ~Ideal Homes

Ideal Homes

The training from Builder Partnerships [online seminars] was exceptionally well-organized and informational. It provides activities and examples that can be directly applied to the day-to-day work I perform as an estimator and purchasing manager. ~Parry Custom Homes

Parry Custom Homes

The rebate program at Builder Partnerships has been a nice benefit to our company.  The submittal process is straightforward and not complicated.  The payment of the rebates is on time and consistent.  The staff is knowledgeable and has given us flexibility as needed.  Overall it has been a great benefit for us. ~Hakes Brothers

Chris Hakes

Hakes Brothers - ABQ Division | Division President

What I enjoy most about using the Builder Partnerships rebate program is how easy it is to take advantage of their rebate program.  With very little effort on our part, we receive a substantial return.  Because Builder Partnerships has a wide variety of material and products that qualify home builders for rebates, we were able to capitalize on savings without having to make any changes on our end.  Another benefit of Builder Partnerships is that they work directly with our builder specific software which makes it extremely easy to submit our rebates. ~Hakes Brothers

Brad Barrow

Hakes Brothers - Rio Grande Division | Purchasing Agent

Builder Partnerships rebate program is an exceptional program to be involved in for any builder of any size.  The program has proven to be financially beneficial to our company quarter after quarter.  There's an extensive list of manufacturers and products available to the members that allow the flexibility to choose the program you want wisely.  Builder Partnerships takes it one step further by simplifying the submittal process.  Overall, we are very pleased with the results our company obtains from the program. ~Olthof Homes

Brandon Stack

Olthof Homes | Purchasing and Estimating Manager

Our recent Webinar Series was a complete success thanks to our partnership with Builder Partnerships and the assistance of Emma Jane Wildermuth [Builder Partnerships' Event Coordinator].  During our planning process she walked us through all the requirements for proper communication and notification to their members.  She also managed 100% of the logistics for the webinar. 

Our team simply had to show up with the presentation materials.  Emma Jane was willing to meet prior to the event to help our team feel comfortable with the technology.  The event itself was quite successful and thanks to Emma Jane and the Builder Partnerships team, we were able to present important updates, utilize their virtual platform, and have access to reporting and attendee lists post-event.  I cannot say enough positive things about the event and logistics handling overall.  We will definitely look to partner with their team in the future! ~Broan NuTone

Maddie Falk

Broan NuTone | Associate Channel Marketing Manager

I have learned a lot and I hope to begin using what I have learned to better our systems and processes. ~Price Custom Homes

Jerad Skoglund

Price Custom Homes

This [Purchasing 201] course is highly instrumental, especially from my POV, because while I'm not new to the building industry, I am new to Purchasing.  There was a lot of very relevant material for me! You are all a wealth of knowledge, and I am incredibly grateful for the information you've shared with us over the last 4 weeks, thank you so much. ~Garrette Custom Homes

Jacqui Pearson

Garrette Custom Homes

Over the last 10+ years, our affiliation with Builder Partnerships has allowed us to promote our business to builders throughout the country.  As a lighting manufacturer, keeping our customers informed and up-to-date on the market trends and the latest industry data is key to our success.  Builder Partnerships provides various educational opportunities, such as free webinars, to keep us well-informed with the industry's ever-changing environment.  In addition, they have always been extremely supportive when we have a new product introduction and getting pertinent material out to the field.  They are always willing to engage our Account Managers with local leads as they become available in their territories.  Progress Lighting looks forward to growing our relationship with Builder Partnerships throughout 2020 and the following years to come. ~Progress Lighting

Taylor Griffin

Progress Lighting | Senior Builder Marketing Specialist

The training from Builder Partnerships was exceptionally well-organized and informational. It provides activities and examples that can be directly applied to the day-to-day work I perform as an estimator and purchasing manager. [Purchasing 101 - May 2020 & Purchasing 201 - June 2020]

Ben Hellner-Burris

Attendee at HBU online classes: Purchasing 101 and 201

Working with Builder Partnerships throughout the years has been very beneficial to our organization.  The level of involvement and communication by Builder Partnerships continues to create opportunities for our team.  BP has done an excellent job in working with our sales team in identifying and coordinating these opportunities.  The amount of support is what makes Builder Partnerships a valued partner. ~Spectrum Brands

Bob Escudero

Spectrum Brands Hardware and Home Improvement - National Builder Manager

From the moment we met all of you, and started to attend your seminars and builder group, our Grenadier Homes world changed dramatically and permanently for the better.  We have learned so much from you in such a short time.  Your experience is impressive, but what shines through even stronger is your passion and caring to help us builders understand and improve.  We are truly grateful to all of you, beyond what we can express.  Our promise to you is for us to go out in 2020 and make it our best year ever, with our highest profit ever. ~Grenadier Homes

The Grenadier Family

Grenadier Homes

Until this year Kichler was only utilizing Builder Partnerships to manage rebates.  During discussions of how we could become better partners, it was suggested that Builder Partnerships could conduct a blitz to encourage their customers to set up meetings with Kichler.  Builder Partnerships utilized their relationships to find interested builders and set up meetings with our Sales Reps, which led to conversions.  They are persistent problem solvers, which led to a very smooth process for us.  Their excitement and professionalism was the backbone of this successful event.  Our Sales Reps appreciated the fact that their only responsibility was selling Kichler and Builder Partnerships would handle the paperwork and rebates.  This blitz made our Sales Reps realize the benefits of working with Builder Partnerships. ~Kichler Lighting

Chris Larys

Kichler Lighting - West Region Builder Manager

Each year we come back [from the Executive Summit] with pages of take away ideas, some that can be implemented with immediate results and others that are more long term strategies that have helped shape the culture of our organization. Harcrest Homes has benefited greatly in the growth of the quality of our organization by attending the summit. ~Harcrest Homes

Harcrest Homes

I would characterize the event [Executive Summit] as the best one week learning experience of my life. Congratulations on organizing a very relevant seminar for leaders of residential building companies. I look forward to attending other seminars in the future!

Carlino Development Group

Upon inital return from the seminar, our minds are whirling with the richness of information given to us.  We learned an incredible amount.  We will narrown down what we believe to be our top three initiatives and work wholeheartedly at successful implementation over the next six months. I cannot thank the team at Builder Partnerships enough for the knowledge they so graciously shared with us and the encouragement we needed in order to strive to make necessary improvements for the future success of Rabalais Homes. ~Rabalais Homes

Shelbi Smith

Rabalais Homes

Just a quick note to say thank you for all your help. Todd, we walked away with a new perspective and a lengthy agenda moving forward, thank you for all your insights. It is amazing the change in perspective when you step away from the trees for a few days. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas. ~Brookline Homes

Scott Dirkschneider

Brookline Homes, LLC

Offering the Builder Partnerships program, which none of my competition can offer, has been extremely beneficial because as we all know the products and prices on materials keep going up every year.  The biggest selling point I use is that I am sponsoring the builder into Builder Partnerships for free, thanks to the deal Tru Team and BP have.  There are no gimmicks, no commitments and no obligations for the builder to use [the program].  My biggest takeaway about this program is being able to further strengthen my builder relationships and differentiating myself.  This program is one of a kind and the work the Builder Partnerships team does is amazing! ~Tru Team

Laura Hutchins

Tru Team - Sales Consultant

Thanks to you, Emma, for helping to coordinate our focus group.  We took a lot away from the meeting and it will be helpful in our efforts to better understand builder thoughts on risk management and issues they face. ~DuPont

Pat Wilkins

DuPont Building Innovations

The overall support, education and relationships development fostered by Builder Partnerships is proving to be a key to our success by introducing our product technology through in person group and individual communication.  During these opportunistic and challenging times in the construction industry, leaders are needed to come together and share best practices and learning.  Builder Partnerships is that leading member-based group focused on not only growing, but growing through constant business development practices. ~Fox Blocks

Mike Kennaw

Fox Blocks, EPS Division of Airlite Plastics – Vice President

We are thankful, as a company, for the peer groups that the two of you have coordinated.  As we compare ourselves to so many other great companies, we constantly find more ways to improve and ways we might excel....We can't thank you enough for being the vehicle that makes these wonderfully beneficial groups possible. ~Eastbrook Homes

Mick McGraw

Eastbrook Homes

We like to go after the big builders which is 20% of the market and the other 80% are the small to mid-size builders.  Builder Partnerships gives us the tools to go after that 80% of the builders.  It allows me to go into markets where some of the small to mid-size builders are and let them know they can obtain rebates from Builder Partnerships; this opens the door for me.  I like the ease of use that I receive from Builder Partnerships. 

When I talk to builders, they like the idea of having access to all the manufacturers under one roof.  Contractors don't want to get bogged down with the hassle of obtaining all the information needed to submit for rebates.  I tell the builders, once I get them signed up with Builder Partnerships, that headache will go away.  They will turn in their documents to Builder Partnerships will do the rest. ~Goodman

Edward Neumann

Goodman HVAC - National Accounts Manager

I would like to thank you for all your help, and please let Christie Young know she has done a fantastic job managing our account and helping us out. If I had 100 of her helping me throughout the year, my life would be a lot easier and a lot less frustrating. ~Stone Martin Builders

John Perko

Stone Martin Builders

I really enjoyed the seminar [The Superintendent's Job] in Florida. I have had all types of training over a 35 year full time military technician career; your team presented one of the best! Regarding seminars we invested highly in the education of our soldiers/technicians. Conflict resolution, managing difficult people, maintenance management for success and others were given to supervisors. We brought in Community college training for technicians, on the job, and they received college credit for their training.

I am glad Mesa Wood invested in me and sent me to your Seminar. I honestly experienced the best seminar ever attended. The material, format and presenters made this a unique experience. It is easy to see the passion from all of you during the seminar. ~Mesa Wood LTD

John Kovac

Mesa Wood Ltd

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for another great [Executive Summit] conference.  I really enjoy these events as I know I have a lot to learn and your conferences challenge me each year to find new ways to improve.  I look forward to implementing a few more nuggets this year and helping our team get to the next level. ~Stylecraft Homes

Jeremy Knicely

StyleCraft Homes Inc. (VA)

You have made more money for more builders than anyone in this organization [NAHB]. All they have to do is pay attention to you.

Visitor at BP booth at 2018 IBS

The best part about the performance review was the useful feedback gathered from our trades and suppliers.  With this information, we were able to implement changes that resulted in significant improvements in our trade relations and their performance. ~Grand Homes

Grand Homes

Your organization has done so much for us over the years that I had to write to thank you.  And, although some of your disciplines are challenging to implement, we never stop trying.  You are wonderful people who love what you do, and our industry is fortunate for it! ~Sabal Homes of Florida

Bill Lee

Sabal Homes of Florida

It is always amazing to me how you are able to take a room full of adults used to the exciting day-to-day of business culture and get them to sit in a chair for 8 hours and keep them interested and entertained the whole time! I thought the [Managing for Profit] class enjoyable and a great use of my time. ~Rausch Coleman Homes

Andy Sanchez

Rausch Coleman Homes

Chuck Shinn is truly GREAT!! At times, I felt he must have been a fly buzzing around on my job site.  I have taken away a tremendous amount of information that I plan to utilize in my subdivision to make [it] run in the most efficient and profitable manner possible.

Jim Broderick

Touchstone Homes

An attendee from Drees Homes shared the following successes after attending the Advanced Purchasing seminar:

  • Solidified a division deal with (a bath product manufacturer)
  • Re-negotiated better trim labor cost
  • Re-negotiated better roofing material cost

I do not believe I would have come out as successful had I not attended your Advanced Purchasing seminar.  Thank you. ~Drees Homes


Drees Homes

We are actively working on 2 initiatives I took away from our week together [2018 Executive Summit]. You can count me in for next years' event. ~Arbor Homes

Don Chesney

Arbor Homes

I was glad to take part in this [Art of Purchasing] seminar and learn so much that will be helpful both for my work and for our company.  Thanks also to Chuck, Ed, Matt, all the Builder Partnerships team, and the trade partner sponsors for your hospitality last week.  You provided a good forum for us to meet other builders, get to know one another, and share our successes, challenges, and ideas. ~Gonyea Homes

Jeff Korman

Gonyea Homes

I attended the Art of Purchasing Seminar last week (awesome!). I got more out of that class than any other continuing professional education (CPE) courses I have taken in the past. - Level Homes

Mike Stevens, CPA, Director of Purchasing

Level Homes

What a privilege it has been for me to know Emma and Chuck Shinn and their affiliates. Their lives, their wisdom, their tender hearts for the needs of this industry, and optimism have been an inspiration beyond anything I can express, so thanks for caring and sharing. - Sabal Homes of Florida


Sabal Homes of Florida

Matt and Ed – Thank you very much for providing an engaging [Superintendent's Job] conference for our construction team. I believe you have motivated our teams immensely! Thanks again gentlemen! It was a pleasure seeing you again! We all look forward to working with you all. - Keystone Group

Stephanie Miller

Keystone Group, Inc.

We would like to thank Chuck for your help along the way.  Your webcast, monthly letters and the rebate program were of great help and provided direction, inspiration and a little extra cash flow.  The reason is, last year my partner and I decided to take advantage of the exuberant market and sold all our undeveloped holdings and completed build-out of our existing communities.  We are now effectively on the sidelines.  For a little background, we started our company in 2009 and were able to take advantage of the down turn via land/lot purchases.  We then went on to complete the vertical construction on multiple communities along the Front Range.  As you might suspect, the market treated us well.

Dan Wenzinger

Triton Communities

Thanks for the great [Advanced Purchasing] seminar this week! It was a wealth of knowledge and instruction that people just don’t see enough of in our industry. It’s homebuilding school that no university can offer from a reality standpoint. - Mid-Atlantic Custom Builders, LLC

Trevor Webb

Mid-Atlantic Custom Builders, LLC

The [Managing for Profit] seminar format, venue, organization, content, presenters, and presentations were perfect.  I brought a lot home and will thank you and your team in advance for the success we’ll derive from it. ~Rausch Coleman Homes

Randy Thrash

Rausch Coleman Homes

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