Service Provider Enrollment

You are on your way to joining a powerful private home builder community with direct access to profit-minded builders looking to build relationships and do business with you. Getting started is easy.

  1. Fill out the pre-enrollment form below.
  2. We will reach out to schedule a discovery call to fill you in on the details of the program (including terms, costs, setup, processing, etc.), answer any question you might have and get you setup for success.
  3. Finalize the legal agreement and get you on your way to increasing sales and profits.

To learn more about members and enrolling, contact Brian Wildermuth, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing:
or call direct 720-345-1418

The following is simply a pre-enrollment form expressing your interest in becoming a manufacturer member of Builder Partnerships. By submitting this pre-enrollment form, you are not bound by any legal obligations or commitments. Once the discovery process has been completed, you will be required to execute a legal membership agreement.