​Improve Profitability and Drive More to the Bottom Line with a Better Understanding of the Negotiating Process

Once the hurdle of solid estimating and cost control processes has been cleared, improving the purchasing team's understanding of the negotiating process is one of the most worthwhile endeavors a home builder can pursue to improve profitability. The interesting thing is that this doesn't just mean learning how to play "hardball" with your trades and suppliers. The Advanced Purchasing: Negotiating Workshop seminar is an interactive experience that encourages the purchasing people in the room to expand their horizons beyond bullying and towards adding real value and building real partnerships. Our goal is to expose attendees to a wide range of negotiation topics and put them in scenarios where they must immediately utilize what they have learned, ensuring they come back to your organization with brand new tools they can start using the very next day.

The Advanced Purchasing: Negotiating Workshop seminar focuses on the reasons for negotiation, the different types and styles of negotiation, and what can be negotiated beyond price to add value to the organization.

This seminar is designed for owners, estimators, purchasers, superintendents, construction managers, VPs of construction, accountants, and anyone actively involved in the construction process. It is strongly suggested attendees participate in the "Art of Purchasing" seminar (previously known as "Purchasing, Estimating and Job Costing") as a prerequisite.


  • Understand why negotiation is important
  • Improve pre-planning for negotiations to improve outcomes (best prep wins!)
  • Navigate the negotiation process from start to finish
  • Thoroughly explore the other party's real needs to create true win-wins
  • Greatly expand the ways in which the purchasing team can add value to the organization
  • Think beyond simply price-based negotiation thinking
  • Reduce costs while improving relationships with suppliers, trades, and manufacturers
  • Be aware of personal and environmental impacts on the negotiation process

Nonmember Registration Fee: $2,000 USD
Builder Partnerships Member: $1,500 USD

Registration fee includes tuition, seminar manual and refreshment breaks. It does not include hotel room, meals or travel.

What Builders are Saying

“Solidified a division deal with a leading bath products company. Re-negotiated better trim labor cost. Re-negotiated better roofing material cost. I do not believe I would have come out as successful had I not attended your Advanced Purchasing seminar. Thank you.” –Drees Homes