No builder is short of labor. Your market might be short of labor. However, the question is, why are you participating in the shortage when you should be capturing the labor force by being the Builder of Choice? The challenge is to have them WANT to work for you.

Learn the secrets of how to manage your company to create and maintain an environment which will allow trades and suppliers to accomplish their work efficiently and effectively as a member of your team.

It is imperative to have a dedicated team all pulling in the same direction. The team needs to have unity of purpose working for common goals, functioning in an efficient and effective manner to obtain consistent and reliable results.

Expand your understanding of the word team to include company employees, trade contractors and suppliers to have an engaged, dedicated and motivated team to become highly profitable.

Learn about the six essential characteristics of Builder of Choice management and the benefits of applying Builder of Choice principles.

Discover how to enhance your relationships and communications with your trades and suppliers to become the Builder of Choice and compete successfully and be profitable in any labor market. 

Loaded with practical solutions and guidance from industry experts, the Builder of Choice Workshop features proven strategies for becoming the Builder of Choice in your market. 

Designed for the entire management team, this workshop provides tools that can be used immediately to achieve improved results.

Join us for this highly-interactive, dynamic learning experience. Collaborate with your peers from across the country. No travel required.

  • Understand why improving your management systems will facilitate working with your trades and suppliers to negotiate lower direct construction costs and decrease cycle time
  • Learn how to run an effective team including all stakeholders as team members
  • Learn how to enhance relationships and communications with your trades and suppliers to become the Builder of Choice
  • Understand how Builder of Choice principles impact your ability to work with the BEST trades

Tuesday, September 13, 2022, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Mountain Time

Registration Fee: $800 per attendee 

Prices subject to change without notice. Payment is required at the time of registration to hold space.

Space is Limited, Register Early

We limit the number of attendees to provide participants with personal attention and a highly-interactive learning experience. Attendees receive valuable insight and advice from our experts and have the opportunity to collaborate with peers from across the country. No travel required.

What Builders are Saying

"Our success is in great measure the result of your philosophy, leadership, and coaching."

"I am one of the builders that is personally grateful for all they've taught me through the years."

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