Key Metrics Workshop: Measure the Right Indicators to Influence Results


Overwhelmed by data, numbers, reports, and metrics? Looking everywhere in the company to figure out what needs to be tracked to guide your decision making process? Too much information is worse than not enough information; it is frustrating, confusing, and time consuming. 

The core of an effective management strategy is to build strong and integrated systems to guide the construction process, provide standards to measure and monitor performance, and establish accountability. There is always room for improvement. 

Key metrics help you quickly identify problem areas and root causes to allow you to make the right changes in execution, people, and the plan. There are eight key areas home builders need to track to have a successful company.  

Loaded with practical solutions and guidance from industry expert Emma Shinn, the Key Metrics Workshop features proven strategies for measuring and monitoring performance to achieve superior profitability.

Join us for this highly-interactive, dynamic learning experience. Collaborate with your peers from across the country. No travel required.

  • The eight areas of any company that require regular monitoring from owners and top managers to achieve superior performance and profitability
  • What to track and why
  • How to calculate and interpret the key metrics
  • How to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the selected metrics

Thursday, February 24, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Mountain Time / 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time

Registration Fee: $800 per attendee 

Prices subject to change without notice. Payment is required at the time of registration to hold space.

Space is Limited, Register Early

We limit the number of attendees to provide participants with personal attention and a highly-interactive learning experience. Attendees receive valuable insight and advice from our experts and have the opportunity to collaborate with peers from across the country. No travel required.

What Builders are Saying

"Our success is in great measure the result of your philosophy, leadership, and coaching."

"I am one of the builders that is personally grateful for all they've taught me through the years."