Yes, you can achieve each of these benefits through the magic of job-costing!

Are you:
  • Tired of going through the hassle of selling more jobs?
  • Looking for more employees to do the additional work? OR
  • Finding yourself laboring far too many hours for too little return?

Why? That’s when Job-cost and Certified Advanced QuickBooks construction expert Diane Gilson is going to reveal some eye-opening, profit-building math!

She will demonstrate precisely how you can use QuickBooks job-cost reports to uncover and implement at least four actionable, profit-maximizing strategies for your company.   

When you leave, you’ll know:
  • 4 Specific actions you can take to add 10% (or more) of your gross revenue to your bottom line
  • The Myth vs. the Truth about “who should do what” with your numbers
  • FAQ’s: Answers to commonly asked questions about job costing

Additionally, you will receive a copy of Diane’s ebook: A Tale of 4 Companies.

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Presented by: Diane Gilson

Diane is a 30+ year' accounting veteran, QuickBooks consultant, trainer, Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor, "Top 100 ProAdvisor" for the last seven years (2014-2020), author, job-cost aficionado, and more!