Manufacturer Relationships

Through our relationship building program, builders and manufacturers can reach out directly across the divide to establish stronger relationships and create a solid foundation for improving product offerings, building synergies and ultimately increase profits across the board.


With over 50 years of experience working with leading middle market home builders across the country, Charles C. Shinn, Jr., PhD heard time and time again about the desire from both builders and manufacturers to be able to connect. However, much of the independent efforts often failed due to the complexities of maintaining the relationships, ending in frustration or lack of ability for either party to follow up. In 2005, Chuck started Builder Partnerships to address these many issues and barriers to effective communication between builders and manufacturers. Bringing his expertise and strong relationships with builders together with his experience working with the manufacturers, Chuck has created this innovative organization to meet the needs of both parties.

Our programs include:

Networking through our many seminars and live events
Educational webinars on innovative product offerings
Targeted outreach programs
Identification of key contacts within each or our member organizations

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Our Relationship Managers are available to answer questions you may have. Please contact us at: or 303-972-7666 MST

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