Understanding Returns & Incentives

Builder Partnerships helps explore ways in which our members work with manufacturers to add real value to the builder's organization, and increase both profits and customer satisfaction.

Returns & Incentives for Manufacturers

Our staff is working full-time to help you realize maximum incentives on every house you build, so your team doesn't have to. You receive the incentives without the cumbersome reporting requirements and collection hassles.

Our program is not just about the incentives; Builder Partnerships negotiates with manufacturers at the national level, specifically targeting the ones that you work with. We will do the filing, and track and administer the program through the website using our comprehensive database; this will allow us to provide you with in-depth reporting on Incentives dollars earned, product usage and qualifying product options that could work in your community. We promise to take advantage of even the small Incentives, to get you the maximum returns possible.

Improve Sales

Through Builder Parterships, you can increase product awareness among our builders' organizations. We have respected independent industry professionals who deliver your message to the people who will specify your products in the homes they build. Our builders are local spheres of influence and are highly respected within their communities.

Simplify Your Specification Agreement And Incentive Program

Initially, Builder Partnerships will focus on creating a successful specifciation agreement for our builders. We will track and administer the program for you using our comprehensive database, which will allow us to provide in-depth reporting on market share, penetration by region, and how builders use your product. Additionally, we are working toward reducing the overabundance of paperwork required for both builders and manufacturers that may accompany this type of program.

Raise Your Products From Commodities to Products of Choice

By working with Builder Partnerships, you will build brand awareness with our builder members. Through the rebate program, builders will begin to specify your products for their houses, raising them from commodity status to products of choice among homebuyers.

Communicate Your Competitive Advantage And Improve Your Sales

Improve communication with your buyers - Get your message out to the people that count! Builder Partnerships is a representative agent for privately owned regional homebuilders.

Our builder members include top performers among regional homebuilders. Many of these companies have been recognized by home building professional magazines and local Home Builder Associations (HBAs) for their successful management styles; and are considered spheres of influence within their communities. Builder Partnerships' members operate across the country, with a high concentration of the major markets throughout the United States and Canada. Each builder produces from 10 to well over 1,000 units per year; ranging in price from $110,000 to over $4,000,000. Currently we have more than 500 builders who collectively expect to produce over 50,000 units annually with annual home sale figures at $17.75 billion.

Gather reliable targeted market data for your products, and competitors

Through our database, we generate reports that are useful in analyzing market penetration for your products, as well as for understanding the total market share that your organization holds among the builder members.

Get market feedback from the product specifiers and users - your buyers

The program helps you identify areas of buyer resistance and obstacles to improved market penetration. We can assist in selecting builder participants and organizing logistics to run focus groups for new product and marketing initiatives.

Manufacturer Incentives

<100 Homes
Up to $360,000
250-500 Homes
Up to $900,000
>1,000 Homes
Up to $5 Million

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