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The evolution of Amana is a story that began in 1934. Innovative from the start, Amana produced industry firsts like the side-by-side refrigerator in 1949, the bottom-freezer refrigerator in 1957 and the Radarange® microwave oven in 1967. Product introductions such as these rocked the appliance market and cemented the brand’s strength as a household name and a symbol of quality.
Today, Amana brand uses that history of innovation and strong brand equity to provide efficient heating and cooling systems that offer exceptional quality, comfort and performance. As a versatile manufacturer of residential appliances, Amana is truly an American institution—a trusted name that has stood for innovation and dependability for almost a century.

Why Us?

Amana offers products that are engineered for reliable long life, utilizing the best components with some of the lowest failure rates in the industry and backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Green Initiatives

At Amana, we think about appliances all day, every day - including their impact on your life, your wallet and the environment. That's why we've started taking steps to create appliances whose values stretch beyond saving money. From adding some energy and resource-efficient models, to exploring more environmentally friendly manufacturing practices, we're on a journey to reduce our carbon footprint. Through small steps, the impact we make can be a big one.

Product Lines

Amana/Goodman produces a complete line of residential and commercial air conditioning and heating equipment. Click on or for more information.