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Ameristar is proudly represented by many of the best distributors in North America today, and you can view the full lineup of options on the Products page. To learn more about where you can find Ameristar equipment or for Ameristar support, please contact our dedicated customer service representatives at 800-945-5884 or complete the following form and you’ll be contacted by an Ameristar representative to discuss the benefits we can bring to your business. Also, you may access the full range of Ameristar products, programs, technical information, and marketing tools by clicking here to register and create an account.

Why Us?

Indoor comfort doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. The Ameristar brand is built for cost-effective, efficient, and dependable cooling and heating performance, no matter what kind of home you own.

Whether you’re replacing a broken unit or upgrading to a new system, Ameristar gives you a full range of options, from air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces, to ductless systems, packaged units, and indoor coils. No matter your budget or size requirements, your local dealer can help you find and install a system that will get the job done—keeping your home comfortable year-round.

Green Initiatives

Product Lines

Whether you choose a complete system or individual components, Ameristar's heating and cooling solutions allow you to save money on the product…and save energy when you use it. With Ameristar, you get the best of both worlds: reliable, year-round comfort as well as affordability. Click here to view all products
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