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About Brilliant
Brilliant is the leading smart home control and lighting company, creating technology that unifies home experiences through simple and thoughtful interaction.

Brilliant partners include: Kwikset (smart locks), ecobee (smart thermostats), Honeywell Home (smart thermostats and leak detector), LIFX and Phillips (smart bulbs and lighting), Ring (doorbell and cameras), Schlage (smart locks), Sonos (speakers and amps), and many more.

Brilliant Smart Home System
Brilliant is an in-wall lighting and control system that makes it easy for homeowners, families, and guests to control lighting, doorbells, locks, cameras, music, climate, intercom, scenes, garage doors and more. It’s easy to install, integrates with the top brands in every smart home category, and transforms any house or apartment into an easy-to-use smart home.

Smart Home Control
The Smart Home Control includes built-in voice, camera, motion sensor, and intercom, plus a free all-in-one mobile app.

Smart Dimmer Switch
Turn regular lights into smart lights and make smart bulbs even smarter with the new Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switch. Automatically turn lights on and off based on motion detection, and do a whole lot more.

Smart Plug
Make floor lamps and whatever you plug into your wall smart. The Brilliant Smart Plug adds smart home connectivity and voice control to any outlet in your home. 

One system. Total control. 
The Brilliant Smart Home System: The world's only affordable built-in smart home control system with integrated whole-home lighting. 

Why Us?

Why Brilliant?
  • Brilliant helps home builders increase the appeal of their homes and make the right investments in technology by providing bottom line growth and success in a competitive marketplace.
  • Builders and Integrators around the country are installing Brilliant in their new homes, which can help raise home prices and accelerate home sales.
  • Brilliant has received recognition and many awards for the design and ease of use of the Brilliant Control in new homes.

Why sell Brilliant's products? 
  • Low-cost investment that delivers high ROI
  • Transforms your houses into easy-to-use smart homes
  • Improves the experience and user-friendliness of your homes
  • Makes your homes easier to sell and decreases time on market
  • Differentiates your properties from the rest of the market (new & resale)
  • Gives you an opportunity market your brand/homes in compelling new ways
  • Easy installation (installs in place of a light switch, no custom wiring)
  • Increases buyer satisfaction, reviews/ratings, word of mouth, and referrals

Green Initiatives

Brilliant’s Smart Home Control has several features that support energy efficiency:
  • Brilliant’s motion sensor can automatically turn off the lights and the Brilliant Display when residents leave the room, then turn them on as they walk back in.
  • Brilliant encourages the use of efficient light bulbs in its goal to help homeowners save energy. For example, residents can use a 10-watt LED  light bulb – as bright as a 60-watt incandescent bulb – that uses considerably less energy than a traditional light bulb. 
  • Brilliant Scenes, which combine lighting, temperature, music, and other settings to control the smart home, provide a simple way for residents to control energy use. Residents can set up a Scene that automatically turns off the lights and lowers the thermostat at a specified time.
  • Users have remote access via the iOS or Android Brilliant app if they forget to turn off their lights, lower the heater, or want to activate their Scenes.

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