Celect Cellular Composite Siding by Royal

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There’s a whole other level to siding. It’s called Celect® Cellular Composite Siding by Royal®. Engineered to elevate your entire home exterior with gorgeous, virtually seamless looks, Celect is durable, virtually maintenance free and compatible with any home design. Care to step up?

Celect is made from recyclable, state-of-the-art cellular materials. Which means it won't rot, split, crack, warp, twist, blister, flake, peel, delaminate or suffer loss of structural properties due to termites, microbiological growth or other decay. 

Why Us?

Resists fading, degrading and comparing.


  • Backed by a limited lifetime and 25-year color-protection warranty
  • Stands up to impact even under the harshest weather conditions
  • Wind resistance to over 210 mph
  • Kynar Aquatec® coating for superstar UV protection
  • Interlocking joints adjust to natural expansion and contraction
  • No delamination: no gaps, no warping, no buckling or wavy lines

Low Maintenance

  • Kynar Aquatec color coating eliminates the need for repainting
  • Interlocking joints eliminate gaps between boards seen in comparable products
  • Cellular PVC material resists dirt, seasonal staining and insects
  • No need to caulk and recaulk like fiber cement

High Sustainability

  • Has almost twice the R-value of fiber cement and wood
  • Unique white substrate helps lower heat absorption
  • Materials are recyclable
  • Kynar Aquatec® coating provides superior UV resistance and reflects energy back into the atmosphere—reducing the energy demands of heating and air conditioning
  • Insulates 70% better than wood

Green Initiatives

Product Lines

Whether it’s a new home build or renovation, choosing the right siding is a big deal, and an even bigger decision. Our Royal®, Exterior Portfolio® and Celect® Cellular Composite Siding lines cover just about every type and style of exterior there is. So it’s important to see everything before you do anything.

Preview the combination of Royal Vinyl Siding and trim styles and colors that’s in your head before it becomes your exterior for real. If you don’t like one siding type, texture or color, just mix in another style.

This is our online design tool designed specifically for Exterior Portfolio siding and trim. Find inspiration in design trends, architectural styles and the sheer fun of experimentation.

Create your home exterior masterpiece before the first Celect® Siding panel is chosen. Just mix and match the exterior siding colors and looks that speak to you. HomePlay Prime makes it easy to create and re-create.
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