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Dow Can Help You Build The Homes That Build Your Business

As a leader in the construction industry, Dow has more than 70 years of experience helping builders outperform codes, competitors and homeowners expectations.  With Dow as your partner, you will have access to our complete line of insulation and air sealing solutions and an elite level of service and support that will help you differentiate your business, reduce costly callbacks, improve customer satisfaction and sell more homes at a higher margin.

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Why Us?

Dow Can Help You Build Homes That Go Deeper Than Curb Appeal

Outperformance Homes feature an integrated system of Dow solutions that work above and below grade to protect the structure from air and water infiltration, temperature fluctuations and energy loss.  By building Outperformance Homes, you will offer your customers a home that is more comfortable, durable and efficient than your competitors.  The result?  A higher level of customer satisfaction, increased sales, higher margin , fewer callbacks and a stronger business built on a reputation of quality.

By partnering with Dow you will benefit from our 70 years of experience, our elite level of service and technical support, access to our industry-leading innovation team and of course, our broad portfolio of insulation and air sealing products.  All working together to help you stay ahead of codes and your competition.

Green Initiatives

Advanced product performance at every level is a priority at Dow and the focus of ongoing and robust research and development:

In 2008, Dow was named an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for excellence in energy management and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
Efficiency initiatives implemented within Dow have saved more than 1,600 trillion BTUs of energy since 1994
STYROFOAM™ Brand Foam Insulation is made with zero-ozone-depleting, no-VOC (volatile organic compound), next-generation foaming agent technology
Dow's commitment:

Reduce – STYROFOAM™ XPS Foam Insulation reduces building energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions
Reuse – STYROFOAM™ XPS can be used over and over again

Product Lines

Understanding the value of building and selling Outperformance Homes starts with incorporating products that outperform the ordinary - energy-efficient solutions for above grade, below grade and air sealing.  Dow's whole-house system of insulation, sealants, adhesives, flashing and accessories work together to help you provide your customers with long-term comfort, air quality, durability and energy efficiency.

Beginning with the invention of our flagship STYROFOAM™ Brand Extruded Polystyrene Rigid Insulation, we have continued to build on our industry knowledge and expertise to expand our offering to the following product lines:

STYROFOAM™ Brand Extruded Polystyrene Insulation
THERMAX™, TUFF-R™ and Super TUFF-R™ Polyiso Insulation
WEATHERMATE™ Weather Barrier Solutions including housewrap, flashings, construction tape, Sill Pan and Sill Seal Foam Gasket
GREAT STUFF PRO™ Insulating Foam Sealants and Adhesives
FROTH-PAK™ Foam Insulation and Sealant Kits
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