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DuPont Weatherization Systems – complete systems for every climate and every type of houseconstruction.  An integrated family of products, our systems work together to provide superior protection against air and water infiltration and give you what you need to build durable, energy-efficient homes—from specialized wraps to flashing to fasteners. With products backed by a limited warranty and supported by the DuPont™ Tyvek® Specialist Network.

Why Us?

No matter the climate or building façade, our innovative family of weatherization products work together to help provide more energy-efficient homes. From specialized wraps to flashing to fasteners, DuPont Weatherization Systems helps to seal the home, preventing airflow through the walls, while holding out bulk water and allowing moisture vapor to escape from within. With more than 25 years of innovation, DuPont Weatherization Systems are ready for all your weather protection needs.

Green Initiatives

When it comes to designing and building homes and commercial spaces that are more energy efficient, you can count on DuPont Weatherization System products to help you meet your goals.  By working together to seal the building envelope, these innovative building products can have a positive impact on energy efficiency in three key ways:  reducing air leakage; reducing air infiltration through wall cavities; and protecting against bulk water intrusion and air-transported moisture.

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