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Exterior Portfolio is a complete collection of cladding products that will give the face of your home an image you will love. The unlimited design options of Exterior Portfolio have been used to create some of America’s most beautiful homes. Now you can enjoy this same impact with the added value of long-lasting, maintenance-free performance.

The outside of your home is the first layer of the unique design you will create for yourself, your family and friends. It sends a message to the world about your personal sense of style. Be sure it’s saying who you really are.

Why Us?

We’re here for you. Homeowners today are smarter, more selective, better informed. We can help you ensure that perfect first impression and secure the even more important word-of-mouth referral. Tell us what’s working, tell us what’s not. Let us know what’s missing. If you throw in a few compliments, we won’t mind that either. 

With Solid CoRe Siding® products, homeowners have the satisfaction of insulating their homes better and feeling awesome about how energy efficient they are. Additional motivation to side with Solid CoRe: They may qualify for incentives to offset their energy costs. Learn more at the home of the Vinyl Siding Institute: www.vinylsiding.org/map.

Green Initiatives

We believe the Earth is our greatest natural resource. It is our home and we are committed to protecting the Earth’s limited natural resources through the manufacturing and sales of environmentally-responsible building products.

Our manufacturing methods and product development strategies are designed to continually reduce our ecological footprint. We do this in many ways, including water and energy conservation, reduction of emissions, especially CO2, preference for the use of renewable resources, and the reuse and recycle of our product and manufacturing residuals.

Product Lines


Royal siding products give you options. The option to withstand storms and style inspections. The option to mix looks, textures and colors you never thought of mixing before. The option to make your home reflect everything you want it to—architectural style, neighborhood vibe, personal love of half rounds. The products below are proud representatives of our traditional vinyl, insulated and Shake & Shingles siding and accessories. Check them out.

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