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Airlite Plastics Co. headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska and manufactures a wide range of custom plastic products for consumer and construction markets, including containers and lids for food packaging, drink cups and lids, Fox Blocks insulated concrete form (ICF) building blocks and now TRUEGRID high-performance pavers.

TRUEGRID joined the family of Airlite products aimed at innovating the sustainable construction market. The paving system is a natural complement to Airlite’s Fox Blocks brand of ICF building blocks.

In October 2020, Fox Blocks by Airlite Plastics Co. released an all new Integrated Learning Center (ILC) to deliver online training and education for all aspects of building with Insulated Concrete Forms.  The ILC training site has been created by two of the most experienced ICF trainers in the ICF industry.

The Primary Installer course is a self-paced 6-hour course aimed at installers and designers.

The in-depth course has four main sections:
1. Pre-Build
2. Building the Wall
3. Concrete
4. Post Concrete and Finishes

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"We at Fox Blocks believe that educating and training new users on best practices for installing ICFs is critical and the key to success for everyone in the construction industry." - Mike Kennaw, VP-GM Sustainable Building Products, Division of Airlite Plastics Co.


Why Us?

Fox Blocks ICF buildings are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, sustainable, quiet and comfortable. Our goal is to give you a building envelope that gives superior results when compared to conventional building methods. An envelope that resists harmful mold, dust and allergens, along with powerful wind, storm and fire damage.

TRUEGRID high-performance pavers control runoff, create less thermal pollution and reduce waste for landfills, among other ecological benefits. Made of post-consumer recycled high-density polyethylene, the pavers have revolutionized the construction industry with versatility, attractiveness and 100% permeability. Some of the most recognizable national names rely on TRUEGRID for parking areas, streets, walkways and bike paths -- Whole Foods, NASCAR, AutoNation, Super Bowl LI’s Club, Nomadic, the New York City Ferry.

Green Initiatives

Since Fox Blocks’ parent company, Airlite Plastics Co., makes plastic products for multiple industries, there is a constant supply of first-generation recycled material within our company. This material moves within our own facilities, and the resulting EPS foam and plastic ties are of a higher quality and have greater consistency.

At Airlite Plastics, a large number of machine presses mold plastic products to specific tolerances. Anything that does not meet the specification for the different product specifications is set aside and designated as usable plastic waste (scrap) to be recycled. None of this plastic scrap leaves the plant, so there is ZERO plastic landfill contribution.

So, Fox Blocks not only contributes to sustainability by constructing long-last buildings resilient to extreme weather events: we also support sustainability and recycling in our manufacturing processes.

TRUEGRID Permeable Pavers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled HDPE. Millions of lbs of plastic are kept out of landfill and recycled from a consumable to a 60-year life cycle useful product. Up to 100% of runoff water pollutants are removed via bioremediation.

Product Lines

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