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Nisus Corporation is a manufacturer of a line of pesticides that are formulated with a concern for people, pets and the environment. We help builders save time and money and protect their structures. Our Bora-Care product will save you one full day of cycle time by replacing soil treatments for termites. And our whole house treatment using Bora-Care with Mold-Care is a great add-on sale that kills existing mold in lumber and helps prevents mold from growing. Both products are applied by your pest control company and can be done during the dried-in phase of construction.

Why Us?

Nisus' mission is to provide Builders and Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) with strong, effective products that kill unwanted pests while providing the lowest possible impact to the environment. 

Termites are after the wood in a structure. When wood is treated with Bora-Care it is no longer a food supply for termites. If they eat it, they will die. If they try to build mud tubed over treated wood they will die.

With Bora-Care there is no need to coordinate the doing the treatment after the footers are dug and before the footers are poured. The treatment can be done any time during the dried in phase of construction. Which also eliminated associated weather delays.

Green Initiatives

Bora-Care Termiticide, Insecticide and Fungicide has been designated as a "Green Approved 
Product" for new construction termite prevention by the National Green Building Certification program of NAHB.  

Nisus received Certification #00027 from the NAHB Research Center. Builders can earn the following points:
• 6 points for a whole house treatment in Very Heavy termite zones 
• 4 points for applying a 3-foot band treatment in Moderate to Heavy zones 
• 2 points for applying a 2-foot band in Slight to Moderate zones

Bora-Care also earns green points under the LEED for Homes program
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Product Lines

Termite and Fungus Protection
  • Bora-Care
  • Bora-Care Commercial
  • Jecta
  • PenaShield
Mold Protection
  • Bora-Care with Mold Care
  • Mold-Clean
  • Nisus DSV