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Carol Smith has been over-promised, under-budgeted, short-staffed, burned-out, hung up on by homeowners, threatened with attorneys, picketed by homeowners, blackmailed by HOAs, ignored by trade contractors, lied to by suppliers–and lived to tell about it.

And tell about it she has. Her 35 years of experience with customers are immediately apparent in her realistic and practical approach to customer relations. She has performed over 700 buyer orientations, held the posts of superintendent, custom home sales manager, and vice president of customer relations.

A much sought-after and revered speaker, Carol has presented hundreds of educational programs to builders and associates in the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia both privately and through associations. She has been a featured speaker at the annual International Builders Show every year since 1986.


Over the years Carol has written 14 books on customer service and hundreds of columns and feature articles for industry periodicals and local association publications including Custom Home MagazineBuilders Management JournalPremier HomesBuilding Homes and Profits, BUILDER, and Professional Builder magazines.

She translates evolving consumer attitudes and market conditions into information builders identify with and apply  to succeed in the ever changing market place.

Today, Carol Smith offers online classes and consults with companies large and small, providing the tools and guidance needed for builders to achieve their customer loyalty goals. For more information on her services, please visit her website.