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The SAPPHIRE Build suite enables production builders to seamlessly integrate their business operations using a single, unified system. Avaible online, anywhere, any time. It's easy to


Kova Web Professional makes it easier for potential customers to buy homes by turning prospects into buyers building a strong emotional connection online as they self-demonstrate your community, configure their own home, qualify themselves, self-select interior and exterior finishes, and even print out their own home brochure. All before they ever meet a sales person Kova Sales Manager provides an eloquent solution for managing an order in an engaging process for the homebuyer and the sales person at the sales office. This tool will guide the home buyer through the home option selection process, step by step, using a graphical user interface. Kova will dynamically adjust sales order choices as the order is created to eliminate order errors from the beginning. The sales contracts are created and managed with an internet workflow system to insure accurate and timely communication for your company and trade partners.

View the following webinar for more information: Technology for Managing the Option Process.
You can also just download the presentation slides.
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