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New Home Sales Plus is led by its Founder Roland Nairnsey, who has almost four decades of new home sales experience as a New Home Salesperson, Sales Director and National Sales Coach and Consultant across North America. He is the author of Mastery of Selling for New Homes, and currently coaches builders with billions in monthly sales. Roland only teaches selling systems and processes that he has successfully used himself, that are replicable and the results measurable.

Born in London, Salespeople and Managers connect with him due to his new home sales authenticity and experience as well as his easy-going manner and offbeat English Humor. He is a popular national speaker at IBS and SEBC and has been featured in Probuilder Magazine many times.


In person Coaching and Consulting:
Roland delivers his programs in person, usually visiting the builder and assessing their current sales experience, then delivering his two-day Blue Chip program the A-Z of New Home Sales. Upon request, Roland personalizes his training material with the builder’s logo, as well as images and floor plans of their own homes to create a more personal branding experience for the sales team. Roland often returns to the same sales teams to reinforce the training with role playing and play fun games that help build selling skills.
RATE = Recruiting, Accountability, Training and Evaluation. Roland and his team ensure that every facet of New Home Skills is evaluated and reinforced. Video Shops are recommended after many months of training as a positive evaluation tool to reward and reinforce good habits, and illuminate areas that each salesperson needs to work on in a safe comfortable setting.

Remote Zoom Coaching for the Sales Team:
Roland delivers monthly coaching to sales teams via Zoom. Following a lineal process with adjustments for the current market and accompanied by written training material, these are always interactive and productive.

Remote Coaching and Consulting for Management / Leadership: 
Roland conducts monthly huddle calls with Owners, Sales Directors, and managers to ensure that sales systems and process are implemented resulting in long term, measurable and consistent sales success.

Roland has created a 12-step plan that is proven to work and helps builders build Championship winning sales teams.  

Virtual Academy - For New Salespeople and Managers:
Many builders will hire new salespeople throughout the year, and it is not practical to bring in a trainer in person. Roland teaches his A-Z course virtually via three times a year incorporating salespeople from many companies at one time. This five-part series is hosted weekly, with activities in between Zooms, and concludes with a fun graduation ceremony.

Management Mastermind Group (MMG):
Sales Directors and Managers enjoy the experience of being able to connect with their peers in the industry and discuss current problems and solutions as well as share the latest trends and technology. New Home Sales Plus hosts three Zooms per year with all of their Mastermind Managers, as well as meet with a builder once a year to view their sales and marketing experience connect and have fun; plus meet for a reception at IBS. 

Tropical Retreat:
Roland and his New Home Sales Plus team in partnership with Pro-Builder Magazine host an annual Retreat, always on the Beach in Florida in the Fall. The Retreat is for Salespeople, on line Sales Counsellors, Leadership and Marketing and Roland is joined by 11 other popular industry experts. The emphasis is on connection, relaxation, and fun as well as the latest education and technology.

New Home Sales APP:
With rising interest rates, the best sales people know how to share important financing numbers with their clients. Roland clients enjoy his patented financing App designed specifically for new home salespeople, which allows salespeople to send the important data to their clients with all of their contact info. Clients of New Home Sales Plus and Builder Partnerships enjoy this APP for free.

“Roland’s program was life changing, it has already had a huge impact on how I think in sales. Roland’s personality and passion for sales are contagious.”
Lindsay Price, Eagle Construction, Richmond, VA 

“In my 25 years of experience Roland is the best on education, presenting and coaching Roland truly cares about the investment of his clients.”
Paula Howard, FMB, Raleigh, NC