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I think we can all agree that verifying insurance coverage is a mind numbing time suck - time that we could use to make more money!  We’ve all been there.  It’s a pain to track down Certificates of Insurance (COI) and  they often have mistakes or leave out important information.  Some fraudsters cancel their policies without telling you, others just make stuff up on their COIs!

But what’s the alternative? Not doing it creates huge hidden risks for good builders and contractors.  Undisclosed policy terminations, expirations/cancellations, and hidden policy exclusions can lead to catastrophic consequences when future problems occur. 

TrustLayer automates the management and verification of COIs with AI & machine learning technology, significantly decreasing manual tasks associated with insurance compliance to reduce risk for our customers.  We work with insureds, brokers, and carriers to verify coverage limits, policy status, and that the actual underlying insurance policies meet specific requirements.  Our technology and combined years of experience in insurance and risk makes us a perfect partner to help increase vendor compliance and decrease risk for Builder Partnership members.  Claim your exclusive discount or learn more at


TrustLayer’s platform serves as a central location to create and manage certificate compliance projects. All COI information, event logs, action items, and alerts are available 24/7 in our cloud-based platform. Customize your compliance goals according to your specific use case or start with our industry-specific project templates. This streamlines COI tracking processes and increase workflow efficiency.
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