The Roaring 2020s Housing's Best Decade By Charles C. Shinn, Jr., Ph.D.

A Special Report From Chuck Shinn

A Housing Forecast
Like No Other

Readers of this special report will gain insight into historical factors and current events impacting home builders and the housing industry.

From an in-depth look at home buyer demographics, to the impact of the housing recession and current pandemic, this report provides an insightful analysis of the history and future of the housing industry.

The Greatest
Housing Decade Ever

The decade of 2020s is poised to be the best decade for housing demand in U.S. history.

For well-organized and well-managed home building companies, this decade is going to be the greatest home building opportunity since the 1970s.


The two largest demographic groups, baby boomers and millennials, will need housing during this decade


The weak housing recovery from the Great Recession has created a housing shortage


Mortgage interest rates are at historical lows, stimulating home buyer activity


Relocation of businesses and industry from large metropolitan areas will create mobility and housing demand

Included in this report is a call to action for home builders and a word of caution about industry disruptors. It’s critical for builders to become proactive in solving the core issues facing the industry or risk losing opportunities to large corporations with vast financial resources.

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The Author

Chuck Shinn has been focused on improving management standards and profitability within the home building industry for more than 50 years.

He has led management training programs across North America, helping home builders cut costs, improve operations, and increase profits. He is a frequent speaker and contributor to leading industry events and publications. He holds a BA in economics and an MBA and PhD in business administration.