It's not enough to watch buyers walk in the door anymore, you need to actually work for your leads.

Original Article in Builder Magazine

“Ask not what your company can do for you, but what you can do for your company.”

Please excuse my modest editing of this famous quote from JFK, however we must remind our salespeople of their fundamental responsibilities. As we all know, with the boom that we experienced in most States, we had more clients than we could handle. Now that the market has normalized it’s time for our salespeople to step up and implement prospecting activities, which will become a habit and sustain them for their whole new home sales career.

When I started in new home sales there was an accepted rule of thirds when it came to driving in qualified sales traffic, that stated that only one third of our business should stem from our builders marketing efforts; and the other two thirds should be self-generated by our sales team. I lived by this rule as a new home salesperson and became proficient at driving in my own qualified buyers. I now teach this program to sales teams across the USA. Here is a simple plan to transform your sales team's abilities to create their own sales pipeline.

Step 1 - Identify your targets

Start by identifying where we can find interested prospects. Here is my Top 10 list.

1. Real estate agents2. Referrals
3. Home buying seminars
4. Local businesses and services such as hospitals, schools, etc.
5. Zip code analysis
6. Community events
7. Managing search engines such as
8. Rental communities
9. Trade partner programs
10. Social media

Step 2 – Select 3 targets and create your strategy

If you are a manager, introduce this concept to your sales team and have each one select three targets. I have found that too many can be overwhelming. For this article, I will select three and share examples of an effective strategy for each.