Original Article by: Fox Blocks

Are you considering constructing an ICF farmhouse? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have tons of ICF farmhouse plans ready for you to view. But first, let’s talk about what makes an ICF modern farmhouse so unique in the first place.

ICF stands for Insulated Concrete Form. ICF blocks are building blocks used to build and frame homes. Instead of using studs and wood to frame a home, you can use ICFs to boost durability, simplify construction, increase insulative efficiency, and more.

What are ICF blocks, exactly? Each ICF block contains two panels filled with high-performance foam insulation. The panels are tied together with specialty ties. During the building process, builders add rebar to the empty space and pour concrete inside. The blocks are easily stacked and assembled to form walls and foundation.

Why would someone want to use them instead of stick-built construction? ICF blocks provide many benefits, including fast installation, increased energy efficiency, lower maintenance, and weather and fire resistance.

ICFs provide a safe, reinforced concrete home offering protection from extreme weather events and high winds. Even build one room as a safe room within the home or as a stand alone shelter.