Original article by: Pro Remodeler

Propane may be a surprise player in green building's quest for zero-net-energy homes.

Is achieving net-zero energy in a remodel on your resolution list? Look into propane. The director of the Propane Education and Research Council shares why, including propane's cost and performance. Watch the video to learn more.

Created in 1996 by an act of Congress, PERC exists to help educate both homeowners and professionals in home construction, including remodelers, on the realities of using propane and how the energy source fits into the overall green building picture. In Managing Editor James McClister's interview, he speaks with Bryan Cordill, director of residential and commercial business development for PERC, who walks the viewers through the costs, performance, and requirements of propane that make it a good fit for ZNE projects, as well as why a propane retrofit is worth the effort and why PERC is focusing its attention on the remodeling industry. Bryan answers specific questions about common concerns about propane like repairs and refilling; how it compares to electricity and natural gas; and where misconceptions about propane being an inefficient energy source come from.