Always Improving: A recap of the latest Brilliant features & updates

Launching new integrations and expanding our ecosystem of compatible brands and products has always been one of our biggest priorities, but we spend just as much time focused on continuously improving the experience of setting up, customizing, and using Brilliant. Over the past several months, we’ve released a bunch of helpful new features and updates that are sure to bring even more joy to Brilliant users everywhere. Here’s a quick overview of the most notable recent improvements.


Installation and Setup

When we first launched Brilliant back in 2018, almost all of the Brilliant Control setup and configuration took place on the touchscreen of a Brilliant Smart Home Control. We received customer feedback requesting the ability to use their mobile phone to set up their Brilliant Control on their mobile phone—to make it a faster and more convenient experience. In response, we launched a major update last year that shifted much of the Brilliant setup process to the Brilliant mobile app. But we knew there was still more we could do to improve the setup experience.


In an effort to allow our users to fully set up and customize their Brilliant experience from their phone, we recently released an update that added the following device settings and Control preferences to the Brilliant mobile app: Slider, Display, Motion, Gesture, Audio, and Privacy. We’re excited to announce that you can completely customize your Brilliant experience from your Brilliant Control or your iOS or Android phone. 

Cameras & Live View

When we first debuted our Live View feature as a software update in October of 2019, it quickly became one of our most popular features. Live View lets Brilliant users check in on their homes from any Brilliant Control or the Brilliant mobile app. Brilliant users also gained the ability to view their Ring and Google Nest cameras on demand from any Brilliant Control. Eager to do more to make Live View an even more valuable feature, we released a new software update last month that makes it possible for every Brilliant user to view all of the available cameras* connected to their Brilliant System using the Brilliant mobile app. Users can also now communicate via 2-way audio with all cameras that offer this capability.  

*Live View mobile app support for the Skybell video doorbell (which requires a Resideo Total Connect 2.0 security system) is scheduled for later this year

Somfy Smart Window Shades & Blinds

Brilliant’s integration with Somfy last year unlocked the ability to control smart window shades and blinds, which was a highly requested new category of devices that many Brilliant customers wanted. We’re happy to report that we recently expanded this integration to include support for multiple Somfy Tahoma Hubs, which means that Brilliant can now control a large home or mansion filled with smart shades and blinds.


Brilliant Connectivity

To offer the best possible experience for controlling your smart home, Brilliant Controls, Smart Dimmer Switches, and Smart Plugs need to respond as fast as possible to user commands and quickly pass information from device to device with speed and reliability. This may sound simple enough, but there’s a lot of work that goes into squeezing out every drop of performance possible, which our team is constantly monitoring and working to improve. In recent months, we’ve been focusing our efforts on strengthening the Bluetooth mesh networking connectivity between our Brilliant Controls and Brilliant Smart Dimmer Switches. It’s another example of our intense obsession with making every Brilliant Smart Home experience as great as possible.

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