Conditions remain volatile for the housing industry, and builders are facing setbacks in upholding the standard of excellence their buyers expect. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative for builders to shift their focus away from setbacks and toward solutions.

One of the most effective steps a builder can take to establish and maintain a reputation of quality is to become the Builder of Choice™ in the eyes of their trades and suppliers. A Builder of Choice™ is rewarded with better performance, more loyalty, better pricing, fewer construction delays, and no shortage of labor.

Why Does Builder of Choice™ Matter?

Quality is, and always should be, priority number one. As a Builder of Choice™, you are better able to deliver high-quality homes and exceed buyer expectations.

When you gain a reputation for your consistency, reliability and discipline, partners want to work with you and buyers want to buy from you. Applying Builder of Choice™ principles allows you to establish fruitful relationships with benefits for you, your partners, and your buyers. 

Access to the Best Crews

A Builder of Choice™ is able to negotiate with trades partners for the best crews. Trade partners are, in fact, partners. When they are treated as such, they are more likely to provide you with quality, senior crews. 

Builder of Choice™ methods foster an environment of success at your job sites. Your habits are directly reflected in your results. If you want higher efficiency in your build cycle and higher quality in your homes, it’s imperative to prioritize best practices such as scopes of work, onboarding processes, checklists, job readiness, and transparency. 

Satisfied Buyers

Many buyers have become increasingly wary of working with home builders. Review sites on the internet are more prevalent than ever, and everybody has a platform to voice their criticisms and praises to a widespread audience. When builders fall into a pattern of low-quality habits that provoke negative reviews, it breeds mistrust. 

A Builder of Choice™ is more likely to overcome these preconceptions. A well-managed organization with strong, consistent policies and procedures is able to successfully overcome problems that arise in the building process and effectively communicate setbacks to buyers to  reduce frustrations and increase buyer satisfaction. 

Establishing a Reputation of Quality

To achieve greater levels of success, it is crucial that builders focus on improving work environments and processes to attract and retain top talent. Becoming a Builder of Choice™ will benefit you, your partners, and your buyers.

At Shinn Consulting, we can give you the tools you need to overcome obstacles and get on track toward becoming a Builder of Choice™. We can show you how to deliver the best quality to your buyers and effectively promote your status to set your company apart from the competition. 

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Carrie Roeger is a consultant at Shinn Consulting. Helping builders streamline their operations to grow and improve profitability is her specialty. Her areas of expertise include operational efficiency, strategic planning, change management, ERP software implementation, culture, and HR.