The Builder of Choice Award recognizes a builder’s commitment to creating and maintaining an environment that allows trade contractors and suppliers to accomplish their work efficiently and effectively. A “Builder of Choice” builder is committed to consistency, reliability, and discipline in the building process.

Ensuring trade contractors and suppliers feel like valued members of the team fosters mutual support and collaboration. Winners of the Builder of Choice Award have demonstrated excellence in the management of their relationships with trade contractors and suppliers in their local markets.

In addition to helping builders validate what’s working, the surveys conducted for the Builder of Choice Award are designed to help builders pinpoint problem areas impacting trade contractor performance. This information helps drive strategies for year-over-year improvement.

Home building companies that apply “Builder of Choice” principles are rewarded with better performance, more loyalty, higher quality homes, better pricing, fewer construction delays, lower costs, higher profits, and no shortage of trades and suppliers. We encourage our builder community to take advantage of the education programs and survey services we offer to help you become the “Builder of Choice” in your market. Contact Lisa Putnam at for more information.

We congratulate this year’s winners of the Builder Partnerships Builder of Choice Award:

Hunter Quinn Homes, Mount Pleasant, SC
Kartchner Homes, Logan, UT
Richfield Homes, Longmont, CO

This article is one in a series highlighting the awards available in the Builder Partnerships award program. We will feature another award category in next month’s newsletter.