Today’s home builders coordinate numerous elements—location, product, pricing, personnel, documents, schedules, service, trades, and suppliers, among others—to run their business. At the same time, home buyer satisfaction is an essential component of success and receives constant attention from wise companies with a goal of achieving customer loyalty and the repeat or referral sales that can generate. 

In recognition of this significant effort, the Builder Partnerships’ Customer Satisfaction Award program reviews  company performance with customers in key areas such as expectation alignment, process management, home delivery, warranty service, overall communication, and feedback. Each applicant is compared to independent and proven criteria, not to other builders. There are no rankings or comparisons among other builders; each applicant  either meet the criteria or they don't. All builders, regardless of size or location, are eligible for this program and invited to participate. 

And if your company is innovative, your unique practices or alternate approaches to customer service are considered to be successful when they achieve the targeted goals. This Award is for arriving at the destination, rather than just the route taken. For instance, where one company updates buyers weekly by email or phone, another may post video updates and schedule routine progress tours. The goal is keeping the home buyer informed; the method is up to the company.  

Earning the Customer Satisfaction Award is recognition of a builder’s commitment to excellence in building a sustainable culture of customer service within their organizations. Winners of this valuable third-party validation and recognition in this highly competitive market demonstrates to potential home buyers that the customer experience is at the heart of your business. Your team earns the personal satisfaction for jobs well-done; when their hard work is recognized, enthusiasm increases and turnover decreases. Teamwork grows and suggestions for further improvements are enthusiastically offered. 

Yet the recognition of those companies that have done all the hard work that leads to wining this Award is just the beginning of reasons to apply.

As with so many endeavors, underlying benefits accrue from the application process itself. In organizing their application materials a company will need to gather documents, review practices, and see itself through the eyes of its marketplace. This process can result in valuable insights. Often once a company uncovers inconsistencies, contradictions, duplications, or omissions, correcting such glitches is relatively easy, leading to greater excellence and higher buyer satisfaction. Additionally, the feedback provided by the Award application review suggests still more improvements to consider, often including sample materials to support those suggestions. 

If increasing customer satisfaction is a goal for your organization, this Builder Partnerships program is a valuable resource that can advance your efforts quickly and efficiently, regardless of product mix, price point, or geographical location. Take advantage of the opportunity for further growth and increased professionalism.

Carol Smith
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