Original article by: PRODUCTS Magazine

Building product manufacturer AZEK has expanded its exterior portfolio with the launch of PVC shingle siding and capped polymer cladding.

Both new releases offer residential professionals a durable and sustainable alternative to natural wood, the company says. AZEK’s Shingle Siding with PaintPro Technology and Capped Polymer Cladding feature wood grain textures in a variety of styles.

“We are excited and proud to introduce these innovative new products,” said Patrick Barnds, senior vice president of product management. “AZEK Shingle Siding and the AZEK Capped Polymer Cladding offer the most authentic alternatives to painted shingle siding and natural hardwoods. We are confident both of these products will create beautiful, long-lasting and easy to maintain building exteriors.”


AZEK Shingle staggered composite

The shingle’s natural look goes further than its vertical wood grain texture. Pros can choose from two styles: straight edge or staggered edge shingles. Straight edge shingles offer uniform lines with varied width tabs and keyways for a natural appearance. Staggered edges offer more randomized panel widths and lengths.

Straight-edge options include the 7-inch tall reveal at 43 panels per square or a 5-inch reveal height at 60 panels per square. Staggered edge shingles come with a 6-inch reveal at 50 panels per square.

AZEK’s latest shingle offering features the company’s PaintPro Technology, which allows for easier paint application, faster dry times, and a strong paint bond that offers close to no maintenance, the company says. These PVC shingles will not rot, split, splinter, peel, warp, or swell from moisture, says AZEK. In addition, the material is insect-resistant.


AZEK PVC composite shingles

While the PVC shingle option is moisture resistant unlike natural wood, the PVC will still expand and contract due to changes in temperature. AZEK recommends leaving 1/16-inch gaps between panels to allow for possible changes. 

Made from recycled materials, AZEK’s Capped Polymer Cladding offers natural wood color variations, which the company claims is the “most authentic looking hardwood alternative on the market.” This natural wood look is promised to retain its appearance for years without the need for paint, sealing, or staining upkeep.

Both open-joint square shoulder boards and closed-joint tongue and groove styles are available in multiple widths. Choose open-joint cladding for a stronger linear pattern or tongue and groove boards for a neater, smoother look.


AZEK EXterior PVC cladding

This cladding installs as a rainscreen and must be installed over a weather-resistant wall and is resistant to mold, mildew, moisture damage, scratches, stains, and insects.

Cladding colors include the gray Coastline, Weathered Teak, English Walnut, Mahogany, Morado, Brownstone, Slate Gray, and Dark Hickory. Sizes depend on color choice, but range from the standard 3⅛ inches to the wide 5-½ inches for tongue and groove boards. Square shoulder boards have the additional 7-¼ inch width.

AZEK cladding is approved for residential, commercial, and multifamily projects. Residential warranties include a 50 year fade and stain limited warranty and lifetime limited warranty. In addition, AZEK brand TimberTech’s Vintage collection has a Class A flame spread rating.