With their scale, dramatic designs, and innovation, kitchen spigots get all the love, but manufacturers are stepping up the style of their lavatory faucets as well.

The bath faucet has come of age. Gone are the days when the market was awash in boring or mediocre products. These days, fresh ideas are abundant.

No matter the style, there are still things to remember when selecting faucets:

First, think about who will be using the faucets. Some styles are easier to use than others, especially among small children and the elderly. Choosing a faucet that adheres to universal design principles will solve those issues.

Consider finishes of other hardware and faucets in the bathroom. It sounds simple enough, but you should try to stick with the same finish throughout the space.

Consider motion- or touch-activatedfaucets. These units help homeowners conserve water and help reduce the transmission of bacteria on the faucet from one user to the next. Once found on kitchen faucets, the technology has now moved to bathroom faucets.


The Bowery single-hole faucet offers clean, geometric shapes but enough organic lines to feel transitional. It has a cylindrical spout with a sharp, 90-degree angle for a look that embraces the familiar alongside the modern.

Brizo made a conscious effort to be one of top design innovators in the bath faucet category. In recent years, the company has unveiled a variety of cutting-edge products, such as the Invari Collection, Atavis, and Vettis Concrete. Many other brands are pursuing the same path.

Most of the new bath faucets skew modern, as the style has grown extremely popular with homebuyers and owners. At the2019 International Builders’ Show,Pfisterunveiled two newbathcollections, Rhen (traditional) and Tenet (modern). The products reflect the company’s motto ofDesign Made Right, marrying world-class design and functionality for practical luxury that suits any budget and style.

“For 2019, we wanted to announce to the world these breathtaking pieces that haven’t been seen elsewhere, from the precision-engineered, elegant designs in our new bathroomfaucetsand accessories to our three new showerheads giving users an unparalleled showering experience,” said Darin Heuer, Pfister's Group Marketing Manager.


The Litze Collection of faucets blends modern sensibilities and artisanal style. Inspired by the revival of the arts and crafts movement, it offers three spout options—arc, square, or angled—that can be paired with a knurled lever or industrial lever handle. A variety of finishes is available.