Builders actually do want to see a manufacturer sales rep come through the door. They want to meet you, learn more about your company, and potentially do business with you. Here are some tips for manufacturers when calling on prospective builder clients:
  • Don't arrive at their office or job site unannounced. Make an appointment and do your "homework" first
  • Research the builder before you show up, including the history of the builder, types of homes they build and where, and the price point
  • Walk their job sites and talk to superintendents and contractors. Utilize your company's resources, such as mobile showrooms
  • Know your competition. What manufacturers are they using now? Why are they using them?
  • Know who their installers/contractors are. Do you have a relationship with their current trades? Are the trades using your products on any other jobs? Do the trades currently buy from one of your stocking distributors?
  • Be there when the builder needs you. Don't disappear after you make the sale. You need to be in contact with the builder on at least a monthly basis moving forward

In today's market, everyone wants to lower costs. Show the builder you are interested in their business by negotiating a win-win deal.

Builder Partnerships can be a valuable resource for the manufacturers looking to connect with the largest builder category: mid-tier builders. Bringing manufacturers and builders together is one of the things we do best!