Builder Partnerships is Pleased to Announce the Newest Service Provider Member to Our Organization

BombBomb restores the single most important ingredient missing from your digital communication … you. If you win through relationships and referrals, simple webcam and smartphone videos belong in your emails and text messages. 

When you and your team do a little more talking and a little less typing, you’ll experience:
  • Clearer communication (save time, reduce back-and-forth, eliminate misunderstanding)
  • Human connection (people feel like they know you before they ever meet you)
  • Higher conversion (getting to “yes” faster and more often)
Sales teams and the sales process. Service teams and the customer experience. Internal communication. Strategic and referral partner outreach. BombBomb will equip, enable, and guide your team to better results by adding a more human touch.

Among the measurable benefits of BombBomb:

70% fewer touches required to generate initial lead response 
2x lift in response rate in outbound sales efforts 
65% increase in lead conversion 
209% increase in engagement within email automations 
55% increase in first-touch resolution of support issues 
90% of people report a greater ability to stay in touch over time 

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