Don't miss Shinn Consulting consultants Ed Hauck and Jim Weigel, along with Stephen Moore Senior Partner at BSB Design, with their on-demand education session "Breaking the Barrier to Superior Profitability".

Cost-effective design and good purchasing practices are critical for achieving superior profitability, but too often overlooked.  In this session, our home building industry experts will demonstrate how changes to your design strategy and your purchasing process can result in an increase in gross profit of 5% (and beyond). 

Get ideas and examples for decreasing direct construction costs, learn a simple exercise for identifying low-margin, high-cost plans, and walk away knowing how to develop a product line that meets buyers' needs while maximizing your profit.
  • Discover pratical solutions for cost-effective design.
  • Streamline your purchasing processes and procedures to maximize efficiencies.
  • Learn tips and tricks that lead to successful negotiating.
The on-demand education session is available until March 31, 2021. Click here for more info