Original article by: BUILDER Online

Google recently reopened Nest’s APIs after closing them to third-party controls in 2019.


As of Feb. 18, 2021, Google has reopened its application programming interfaces for Google Nest and other smart home products. Following this move, smart home control manufacturer Brilliant has announced that its product will once again be compatible with Google Nest.

In 2019, Google changed the underlying technology in the Nest platform, which its parent company Alphabet had acquired in 2014. Among other changes, the company stopped supporting its third-party integration API, Works With Nest, cutting off Google Nest from third-party smart home controls.

According to Brilliant, at the time Google closed its APIs, about 50% of Brilliant users used their platform to control a Google Nest product. With integration reinstated, Brilliant users can once again control their Nest thermostats through the Brilliant control panel or app, along with products from Sonos, Ring, Schlage, and many other brands.

“Google Nest has been the No. 1 ask from builders, developers, and our customers, and we’re pleased to add Google Nest back to their favorite smart home system,” says Michael Williams, vice president of marketing. “We and Google know that not every house has one brand of smart home products. That’s why it’s key that all smart home products have the ability to work together. Our partnership with Google Nest is a major step forward for Brilliant users and the entire smart home community.”

Integration with Google Cam and Hello products is expected to follow soon.