Builder Partnerships, a member organization focused on managing incentive programs and providing training and support to help members improve their performance and profit, and MiTek, a pioneer in innovative software solutions for the building industry, announce a new integration between Builder Partnerships and MiTek KOVA. The integration will make it easier for Builder Partnerships members to submit for and collect rebates.

Builder Partnerships, in collaboration with the MiTek KOVA team, developed an API connection to pull in closed home data from KOVA directly for rebate submittals. The Builder Partnerships portal easily connects with KOVA, allowing users to input necessary rebate information with just the click of a button. Now, Builder Partnerships builder members can fully reap the benefits of the program and achieve financial gain—which, in some cases, can mean thousands of dollars—with limited effort.

"We are very excited to have the direct connection to MiTek KOVA which allows builders to automate and streamline their rebate submission process for Builder Partnerships," said Chuck Shinn, President, Builder Partnerships. "We continue to enhance and simplify the rebate submittal process and shorten the time from submission to receipt of rebate dollars. Stay tuned for future announcements as we continue to enhance and improve our services for members."

“We’re excited to make this part of our customers’ jobs easier," said Cyndie Roche, VP and General Manager, Homebuilder Solutions at MiTek. "Our goal is partnership – working with customers to solve challenges and improve their business. This integration is a great example of our commitment.”

Builder Partnerships is currently accepting builder members into the early access program to participate in testing of the integration prior to general release. KOVA users interested in the early access program should contact Sevaughn Huntington at 303-972-7666 or Builders not selected to participate in testing will be at the top of the list for the general release.


About Builder Partnerships

Builder Partnerships is a member organization focused on providing management training and support to help builders improve their performance and profit. Currently, we represent more than 1,400 builders in the United States and Canada who forecast building more than 145,000 homes collectively this year.

With more than 75 manufacturer members and service providers, Builder Partnerships also manages highly competitive rebate and incentive programs. We help strengthen relationships between builders, manufacturers, and other service providers in the home building industry.

For more information, visit or call (303) 972-7666.

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