As we continue to navigate the challenging housing market, manufacturers should focus on establishing and maintaining an open relationship with builders and place a greater emphasis on taking ownership of communicating their message to builders. The return on investment will be greatest for manufacturers that make a long-term commitment to the strategy.  It builds relationships that stand the test of time, price, availability of product and other changes.

It is easy for manufacturers to be overwhelmed by the ever-changing landscape of supply chain and labor issues, while working to meet the increasing needs of the builder market.  When that happens, they tend to spend less time communicating.  However, manufacturers should make an effort to communicate more.  Builder Partnerships can help with that! 

We encourage our manufacturer members to take advantage of the many opportunities Builder Partnerships provides to connect with builders.  From newsletter articles and email blasts, to webinars and seminar sponsorships, we offer a variety of effective ways for you to get your message to thousands of builders within our community.

One of the best avenues for you to take is to make the builder market more manageable by segmenting builders and building relationships with those builders.  Our team can help you identify your target market and work to make warm introductions to the right people within the builder organization. We have the contacts and can help your sales team get started with an email introduction.  Your team can then use the builder’s relationship with Builder Partnerships to help close sales by establishing their rebate/incentive process with an organization they already know and trust.

Sponsoring new builders into Builder Partnerships is another way to gain leverage. Membership provides the builder access to many more product relationships, incentives and other opportunities, providing substantial long-term value to your sales prospect.
Our operations team can assist you in establishing the right incentive programs for boosting sales. We can set up builder-specific programs and/or customize your offering.

A well-executed strategy that includes Builder Partnerships will create opportunities at all points in the sales, marketing and communications channels. It is important for the manufacturer’s staff to work as a team and coordinate all of their business activities with distributors, dealers, installers, builders and Builder Partnerships.

Being a member of Builder Partnerships represents many opportunities for your business. We are a trusted name in the industry and we want to help you execute your strategies and grow your business.

If you have questions, please contact Terry Nickels, COO, at: