One of the best aspects of the improving housing market is the manufacturer’s focus on establishing relationships with builders. Sales teams are being expanded and reorganized, and manufacturers are placing a greater emphasis on taking ownership of communicating their message to builders. The return on the investment will be greatest for those manufacturers who make a long-term commitment to the strategy.

It is easy for manufacturers to be overwhelmed by the fragmentation of the builder market. The temptation can be to hire one sales person and focus only on the large national builders, or to hire a large team to reach as many builders as possible. Both approaches can be equally unsuccessful. The first approach may generate sales but no margin, and the latter approach lacks focus which generally leads to poor ROI. 

The best practice for long-term success is to make the builder market more manageable by segmenting builders and building relationships with those builders. Builder Partnerships can help with that!
Once you have identified your target market, let our team help you in building productive relationships. 
  • Our relationship managers can help by making warm introductions to the right people within the builder organization. We have contacts for approximately 1,500 builder members, and can help your sales team get started with an email introduction.
  • Your team can use the builder’s relationship with Builder Partnerships to help close the sale by establishing their rebate/incentive process with an organization they already know and trust. 
  • Your team can leverage their ability to sponsor new builders into Builder Partnerships. Membership provides the builder access to many more product relationships, incentives and other opportunities, providing substantial long-term value to your sales prospect.
  • Our operations team can assist you in establishing the right incentive programs for boosting sales. We can set up builder-specific programs and/or customize your offering.

A well-executed strategy that includes Builder Partnerships will create opportunities at all points in the sales channel. It is important for the sales staff to work as a team and coordinate their selling activities with distributors, dealers, installers, builders and Builder Partnerships.

Being a member of Builder Partnerships represents many opportunities for your business. We are a well-trusted name in the industry and here to help you execute your strategies and grow your business.

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