Builder of Choice status is something that is earned, and it encompasses much more than your reputation with your trades and suppliers. Your entire organization contributes to, and benefits from, becoming the Builder of Choice. 

Relationships and reputation are key factors in earning Builder of Choice status. When you are consistent, reliable and disciplined and have processes and procedures in place to meet time, budget and quality objectives, you strengthen your relationships and reputation with everyone involved.

A Reputation for Excellence

Every builder can benefit from having a reputation for excellence. In addition to attracting buyers, you will attract top talent along with the best trades, suppliers and manufacturers. When the best of the best wants to work with you, you’ll have a superior team committed to delivering homes on time, on budget and on quality standard (the trident of excellence).

There are significant benefits to having the best trades committed to your success. They commit the best crews and appropriate manpower to meet your schedules, resulting in top productivity scores. They are committed to meeting your budget needs. They share your commitment to quality to keep buyer satisfaction the best in the market. They contribute to your ability to sell homes at the best possible price point. They share their experiences and will help you attract other trades, suppliers and manufacturers to your team.

Suppliers can be your best advocates and a big help with your Builder of Choice strategy. They work with your entire team: purchasing, production, sales and marketing, design, accounting and warranty. They know the true cost of doing business with a builder, and they can control the cost of delivered material. Suppliers have a major role in supply chain management. They also know all the trades in your market. They can guide you in selecting the best trades and be your advocate to attract quality trades. 

Be sure to involve manufacturers in your Builder of Choice strategy which needs to include getting the best quality materials at the best price. Manufacturers can help with the newest and best products, supply chain, selections, installation, quality, scope, education and marketing—all of which contribute to your reputation. They are interested in building close relationships with builders, and they want to earn and retain your business. Manufacturers can help you connect with suppliers and trades. Take advantage of this great resource.

A Focus on Performance

To earn Builder of Choice status, a builder needs to demonstrate a commitment to excellence through action and results. Focus on consistency, communication and collaboration. A builder has to be easy to do business with.

Purchasing can contribute through the delivery of accurate POs, efficient systems and consistent pay procedures. Your purchasing team has to be able to sell the Builder of Choice concept to trades and suppliers. They need to be out networking. The trades talk, but your purchasing team can amplify the message by getting out there and being accessible.
Your field team is your reputation to trades and suppliers. The end goal is providing the best work environment. A Builder of Choice is committed to effective communication, accurate schedules, and clean and accessible jobsites. Trades and suppliers respond best to fair but firm superintendents.

How does your Builder of Choice strategy impact sales and marketing? The best run jobsites are clean, on schedule and focus on quality. This commitment to excellence sells homes. Your prospects and buyers visit your communities and not always during business hours. A clean, well-run jobsite is critical to making a good first impression and gaining new business. A Builder of Choice jobsite sells homes.

A Recipe for Success

Achieving Builder of Choice status helps you achieve superior profitability. A commitment to mastering the trident of excellence—time, cost and quality—is an integral part of both endeavors.

The best and tightest construction schedules are critical, not only for controlling costs, but also for gaining satisfied customers. You can build the best home, but deliver it late and that’s what the buyer remembers.
Efficient jobsites provide you with negotiating power with the trades. Sell the efficiency of your operation and demonstrate how they will make more money on your jobsite with lower pricing.
Happy buyers sell homes and are critical for your reputation. When you gain a reputation for building quality homes, you can demand top sale prices in your market.

Focus on practices that demonstrate consistency, reliability and a commitment to quality to become the Builder of Choice. Promote your Builder of Choice status to set your company apart from the competition.

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Ed Hauck is a senior consultant at Shinn Consulting. He specializes in helping builders around the country reduce direct construction cost, streamline operations, and guide new product design towards efficiency and cost control.